Why schools need full mobile coverage for Health & Safety

Students, faculty and administrators can prepare themselves for emergencies at school in a number of ways, from conducting regular, emergency-specific drills to making sure the building’s infrastructure is up to code. When emergencies do happen, schools need to know how to respond appropriately and recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

Thoughtful planning and preparation can help ensure the safety of students and staff should an emergency occur during school hours. 

Since the adoption of technology in the School systems and the ever evolving upgrades of the data networks and mobile operator networks., More and more schools seem to be turning to technology as part of their emergency response plan and evacuation plan.

school signal booster

The fact is almost every child now has a phone in school. It has become imperative from a health & safety perspective. Also if that child needs to be contacted directly by a parent due to a family emergency this can be achieved. Rather than the 10 mins that may be wasted going through the system and trying to locate the child. 

Some schools have now begun utilizing these phones for notifications and emergency response plans.

How can this be achieved?

There are platforms currently available that provide the following services:


Can instantly notify your staff and students by text/SMS. They can reply “Yes”, “Ok” or “No” and  will automatically update their availability status so that everybody can be accounted for.


After installing the mobile apps, staff and students can be notified through app notifications and immediately open the app to gain more information.


Instantly call up your staff and students with a voice message that informs them that their attention is needed. Automated calls are very valuable if your team members sleep, are in noisy environments, and so forth.


The email notification can include information about the incident, as well as detailed information for further actions / tasks.

Unfortunately not all schools have the desired network coverage for all operators.

This can be down to many reasons including location, building materials etc.

That is where MSS can help you design and install a DAS system that will ensure that your school stays connected at all times, especially in the moments you need it most.