How To Boost A Hospital’s Mobile Signal?

Is your business suffering with poor mobile signal across your factory site? We have the solution for you. Poor mobile signal could be harming your business in a number of ways. Difficulties of communication between vital members of staff can lead to expensive mistakes on the shop floor or increases in lag time to fulfil orders.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters for Factories in UK

We have over ten years experience in fitting mobile signal boosting solutions to commercial properties, including factories. And our previous customers are extremely happy with the results of our solutions. With our systems, you will no longer have to stay near the router to send important messages to your employees or to your clients. Our systems are specially designed for large spaces and our antennas cover a very large area so that your signal is great across your entire workspace. Improved communication between your employees and improved access to the internet will, of course, solve problems within your business and improve efficiency within your business processes.


Why You Should Purchase Our Solutions

We offer a highly efficient solution that is easily installed. Our boosters are becoming increasingly popular, year after year. More and more people are searching for reliable ways to boost their mobile signal in large buildings. It’s not just for factories either. Our solutions can help out in multi-story buildings, bars and restaurants. Even if you have particularly thick walls or steel beams that block normal mobile signals our solutions with can help you massively. We offer a free estimate of the cost before we complete a full site survey and provide an exact price for the job including a time frame for the completion of the project. After that, we will endeavour to complete installation as quickly as possible and fit around the schedule of your business needs.

Our team can make it happen and we can arrange a survey for you at £412 / €550 plus vat – fully refundable once you decide to go with a solution.