Having Trouble With Mobile Signal in Your Large Home?

Is your business suffering with poor mobile signal across your factory site? We have the solution for you. Poor mobile signal could be harming your business in a number of ways. Difficulties of communication between vital members of staff can lead to expensive mistakes on the shop floor or increases in lag time to fulfil orders.

Are you finding you are having to deal with a poor mobile signal in the comfort of your own home? A poor mobile signal could be interrupting your sense of ease at home – what if you need to get in touch with someone? Now you can relax, as we have the solution for it – providing you with the best mobile signal booster for luxury homes.

You may be experiencing disruptions to your signal which impacts your home office workflow, your browsing needs, or your general mood. No one should have to put up with an annoying mobile signal –  and we’re here to fix it.


Mobile Signal Booster for Luxury Homes

We have over ten years of experience in installing mobile signal boosting solutions to luxury homeowners. This means customers that reside in properties that cover a wide number of rooms or ground space.

Luxury homes have specific troubleshooting obstacles including a large space to cover – or wall depth and interior wall materials. In the past, we’ve even worked with buildings that include 5 foot thick walls.

Proudly, we have years of experience working with mobile signal home solutions. There’s really nothing we haven’t seen before. Therefore, we get how these houses work – and know-how to install signal solutions specifically for them.

Professional Luxury Engineering and Installation

Mobile signal boosters are not a one size fits all design. We understand that each luxury home is unique – and design a home cellular solution specific to your needs. Our expert engineers will compile a tailored bespoke solution using a process of survey and design to meet your home’s needs.

To start, we survey your large home and take signal readings while also assessing floor plans and the structural design of your home. A tailored report will be issued to you detailing the specifics of equipment needed to improve your mobile signal in your home. Our reports cover the costs in detail and in clear terms so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

What Our Customers Say

Our seamless installation services have been providing customers with perfect solutions for 50+ years. Time after time, people are becoming more aware of their mobile home signal matters as general increases to devices or issues with reliability exist. Not just that, as our housing solutions scale, so should our mobile signal boosters perform a luxury service.

Undoubtedly, customers are extremely happy with the results that they are seeing by choosing our mobile signal boosters. Forget reaching your phone above your head or thinking you need to stand beside a window. Why compromise on comfort and availability? With our solutions, you can be sure that our antennas cover all the areas of your large home so that you can sit back and relax.

Why Our Solutions Will Work For You

Signal issues can be an irritating inconvenience – especially when in your own home. Without question, we think luxury homes shouldn’t suffer and should live up to their luxury status. What’s the point in having a large home that struggles to use mobile phone signals intended for a smaller home?

Your home is unique to you. Knowingly, we’ve put years of knowledge into formulating the best mobile signal boosters for your ease of mind.

Make it Happen

We get residential properties – and only ever deliver high-speed data signals to cover large areas. Should you need to get in touch with someone – we’ve got it covered. We seek to improve efficiency in your large home and promise to deliver on results. We only use legal, OFCOM license-exempt equipment.

Our seamless installation survey costs £412.50 plus VAT and is deducted from the final price of installation, should you be happy to work with us. Alternatively, we offer a free estimate of expert solutions based on your floor plans. However, just note that a survey will be required prior to installation. Our team can get to work on your mobile signal solution for your luxury home – call or email us today.