How To Boost a Shopping Centre’s Mobile Signal?

In the 21st Century people expect a lot. Modern shoppers expect to have a great mobile signal while looking for the next bargain. More and more people want to exchange pictures of clothing items they are considering or showing off their latest buy to their friends on social media. Ensuring that your shopping centre has great mobile signal will improve your customer experience and ensure they return, again and again.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for UK Shopping Centres

For more than ten years we have been installing extensive mobile signal boosters in commercial properties, including shopping centres. Our previous customers are more than happy with the success of our systems. With our solutions, you will no longer have to apologies to complaining customers about the lack of mobile signal in your shopping centre. Our solutions are especially constructed for extensive spaces and our antennas cover large areas so that your signal is great across your entire site.


Why You Should Purchase Our Solutions

We offer a highly robust system that is easily installed. Our mobile signal booster systems are becoming increasingly popular, year after year. More and more people are searching for reliable ways to boost their mobile signal in shopping centres to suit their customer’s needs. Our solutions not only work in shopping centres, but they also work for hospitals, construction sites, hotels and much more. We can install boosters in multi-story buildings, restaurants and bars. Even if you have steel beams or particularly thick walls that block normal mobile signals our systems with can help you massively. We can offer a free estimate of the cost before we complete a full site survey. So get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.

Our team can make it happen and we can arrange a survey for you at £412 / €550 plus vat – fully refundable once you decide to go with a solution.