The Reason Why You Should Get A 4G Signal Booster

4G LTE Network Connection
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Are there other ways I can boost my 4G signal?

While mobile phone signal boosters are the best way to improve your 4G network connectivity. There are some other less effective ways to get a possible boost to your phone when needed.

There are a number of mobile applications on Google play or the Apple store that purport to increase your phone’s signal strength up to full connectivity. These apps work by letting you alter your phone’s download and upload speeds, meaning you can limit one in favour of the other. This can help if you have a slight problem with your 4G connection, but won’t do much if you have a low data rate. Using any app continuously will drain your phone’s battery, so it’s important to keep this in mind and have a charger handy.

In some cases you can adjust your phone to get a more secure 4G connection. When your phone’s 4G reception is not strong, your phone automatically switches to the next best network available with strong reception. This doesn’t mean that 4G is unavailable to you, it just means that your 4G connection isn’t strong enough to stop the phone’s auto switch function.

By making some adjustments you can turn off your phone’s auto switch function. Be careful though, you should switch your phone back to its original settings if you notice any harm being done to your phone’s operation.

Now you understand the benefits of 4G and how to boost it, it looks like it will be around for a long time to come, helping people connect to the world around them. We can also see that When needed, a signal booster can make a big difference to the connectivity of a building to the 4G network, and offers many positive applications in the work and homeplace.

Are LTE Booster Legal?

LLT is the same as 4G signal. These boosters are legal devices that help improve call quality, weak phone call signal, and provide faster data speeds. If you tend to have acceptable or strong LTE signal outside your home or office building, but weak to no signal inside, then a mobile phone signal booster will definitely improve your coverage and signal strength indoors.

The installation of a LTE mobile repeater means eliminating dropped phone calls, slow data speeds, lost emails without needing to connect to WiFi, or switch network carriers which will have its own inconvenience and cost.

There is an Mobile Signal solutions OFCOM approved solution to boost poor mobile signal strength at home, the office, industry and enterprise. Our approved mobile signal boosters strengthens indoor signal, providing clear voice conversations and greater data throughout. Having to move to a area with better coverage in the building or actually moving to outside is not acceptable. Installing a LTE signal booster is a simple and effective answer to poor 4G signal.

What UK Networks will a 4G Booster work with

Our approved mobile signal boosters are legal signal boosters for 4G, 5G and LTE voice and data for all UK mobile networks: Vodafone, Virgin  O2, EE ,  Sky Mobile, Three and EE Giffgaff,  etc

There’s no better feeling than that of an high speed data connection that doesn’t buffer. You can enjoy this feeling by getting the 4G/LTE connection. It gives you the best connection as well as fast internet speeds. Just try picturing yourself surfing at 2G speeds yet you have a 4G enabled mobile phone! Frustrating right? So, how do I make sure that I enjoy better signals?

A 4G signal booster is the perfect solution for your business. I know you’re now wondering if it will work for you,  whether there will be seamless compatibility between this device and your network carrier, the simple answer is yes it will. The grade and cost of the 4G repeater required can be determined during a survey of 4G signals inside and outside and then a plan will be made to distribute 4G signal throughout the building/.

Do I need a 4G signal booster?  Should it be an enterprise-level device or will consumer-grade suffice? How do I install a 4G booster? Let us dive deep to give you an in-depth look so that we can answer these questions and much more.

How To Go About Improving Your 4G Signal

The acquisition of the 4G signal booster is the first thing that you should do. This device is popularly known as the “amplification 4G” in France. It functions similarly to other boosters. Cranking up of the weakest of signals is done by the 4G signal booster. This makes this cranked up signal accessible for your phone.

Behold, full 4G bars. You should just make sure you find the spot with the strongest 4G signal within your office or house. It at this spot where your booster should be located.

The setup process is easy once this spot is identified. There’s no need to worry about how the booster will be fitted on the wall. Think of it as a piece of art that fits right in. It may just be the wall piece that you’ve been longing for. Besides, don’t sweat when it comes to the professional signal booster installations. Our technicians will oversee this process to see to it that the device is functioning properly.

Which’s The Best 4G Option That I Should Purchase?

Which mobile phone signal booster can work best for me? First of all make sure that it is not the 3G signal you need to boost. Knowing which 4G signal booster is best for your building depends on some factors. 4G boosters exist in varieties. They are specifically designed to meet different needs.

The main difference between them is their sizes. The 150m2 or the 300m2 booster is ideal for a small house. These mobile phone signal boosters can sufficiently serve a few mobile phone users. You should contemplate on acquiring a stronger booster in case you forecast a more demanding usage. A booster of up to 1500m2 or 2500m2 should do it. The 1800 MHz frequency is what’s primarily used on the 4G signal booster UK.

Most network carriers within the country are compatible with these boosters. This carters for carriers such as EE, BT Mobile, O2, GiffGaff, Orange, Three, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile. So if you are wondering whether or not there’s compatibility between the booster and your phone, of course, there’s compatibility.

4G LTE Fast Connection

For a steady signal with the best speeds, this is the device for you. Simply put, it’s pretty easy. Just get the 4G signal booster in the UK. Then, you are up and running.

How do I install a 4G booster?

Contact the team to book a engineer to call to your building, we will do a signal scan of 4G and help find you the best 4G booster for your business or home. Our team can also advise on GSM voice signal boosters, 3G and 5G options as well as any questions around how to ensure your buying from a reputable supplier Ofcom approved equipment. The solution can be network specific like a Vodafone signal booster or can add GSM to the 4G booster if you desire.

Our team has experience installing in castles for royalty, hotels and hospitals as well as stand alone homes in need of coverage. Let our team of expert installers improve 4G for you and your UK business!

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