Our mobile signal booster solution for office buildings has been an important solution for companies throughout the UK, leading to increases in productivity and sales revenue. Having staff and a sales team readily accessible on their mobile has been key to landing many successful deals.

Many offices across the UK have mobile signal issues. If your office is based in a city and you continually have poor mobile signal in the office, our cell phone signal boosters are the solution. We work on smaller projects covering 10 staff to large scale signal boosters for offices covering up to 70 floors.

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Why You Have Poor Mobile Signal in Your Office

UK cities receive a strong signal from all network providers including Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. The problem arises from how the offices are constructed, a focus on insulation and heat retention means using materials that block the GSM, 3G and 4G signal entering the office.

Mobile signal operates on frequency bands that struggle to get through numerous building materials including concrete, steel and foil backed insulating materials. In particular, kingspan insulation acts as a barrier for phone signals entering office buildings. This helps the environment and to keep costs down and fortunately we can help ensure the phone signal does not suffers by installing a MSS Mobile signal solutions DAS powered by the appropriate office mobile repeater.

As each section of the building has different layouts, may have used different construction materials, have some or no access to windows,  it means different rooms and different floors in an office block will vary, our survey of the office will allow us to design a system to ensure we cover all the offices and communal areas.

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What Is a Mobile Signal Booster for Offices

A mobile signal booster for office blocks is a mobile repeater system powered by a amplifier for each UK network, these signal are combined to create a feed that covers all UK networks and is connected to a DAS, this is a network of antennas used to improve mobile signal across the entire office. 

We can install the antenna in different rooms or specific floors, to cover the entire building or just some areas, the mobile signal will be 3G and 4G covering both voice and data and 5G compatible.

Mobile signal boosters once deployed improve the signal, which improves the communication in the office leading to more productive and happy employees.

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Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office Buildings

In modern times, a strong phone signal is a requirement for a successfully running office. There are two noticeable advantages to having mobile signal boosters installed in your office:

  1. A fast stable internet connection without wifi – It can be seen as a primary or back up data connection for your staff. All employees can connect to the internet with good speeds and stable connections. No matter what corner of the office you are in or what floor you are on your internet connection is stronger with correctly installed signal boosters. Improved internet connectivity will increase the productivity of your team. Additionally, employees will not experience the frustration of slow internet speeds. Potentially, improving employee satisfaction in the company.
  1. Better quality phone call signal and voice clarity – Failed calls and poor quality phone calls can hinder your company’s professional reputation. A signal booster ensures you that phone calls have good voice clarity and are successful. With a signal booster, you can be confident that your phone signal will not cut out in a call with an important client.

In 2022, we are hopeful that offices across the UK and Europe who have opened again will not persist with poor mobile reception and contact is to install a office mobile phone booster.

Nevertheless, the pandemic has changed the working world. Companies have become more flexible and open to working and having meetings from a distance. So now, it is more important than ever to be connected. Communication is essential and a reliable phone signal plays a key role in maintaining good communication between colleagues and clients.

Why Choose Mobile Signal Solutions

A group of experts, engineers, surveyors and managers make up our team at Mobile Signal Solutions who all help you in your specific case. Regardless of your office size, we are willing to help. We are a reliable team with many years of experience fitting mobile signal boosters for small offices all the way up to entire corporate offices.

Our team will install signal boosters across your office and solve the issue of dark spots. You will have a powerful phone signal in every corner of the office. We specifically design our systems and antennas to work through thick walls and thick ceiling. Chiefly improving phone signal throughout an office building.

Simple steps to have a system installed

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Our mobile signal boosters can solve your slow connectivity in your office space. There are 3 simple steps to follow in order to equip your office with boosters and have a better phone signal.

Step 1No Obligation estimate Get in contact with us if you have poor mobile signal issues. Our experienced team of qualified engineers, surveyors and project managers will soon be in touch to give you a free estimate.

Step 2Survey & Report – We arrange a survey to understand your specific case in more detail. This is so we can arrange the best mobile signal solution for you. We know each case is different and we want to provide the optimum and most cost-effective option for your company.Step 3Fast and Effective Installation – Our team of experts will install mobile signal boosters fast and efficiently. To suit you and your office, we can install the boosters at a time that does not disturb your employees during their working hours.

Office Signal Boosters in UK

If your office is in a UK city and has a slow connection, it is probably not your network provider. Most likely the construction materials of the building cause phone signal disruptions.

Mobile signal booster for offices can solve this problem for Vodafone, o2, EE, Three and all other UK networks, trust us to bring a high-quality signal throughout the office.

Our professional team can help you make a decision about your specific case and install a signal booster fast and efficiently. Get in touch with us now, and we will be happy to help you.