The search for the best legal mobile signal boosters is actually easier than securing a booster that actually works in the UK. This is possible because the responsibility is on the user of the mobile repeater to ensure its legal and not the supplier.

You need to check if your supplier meets a few simple technical requirements and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is because there are many suppliers from China and elsewhere with unauthorized equipment for sale in the UK

  1. Ofcom UK compliant – All mobile phone boosters should have narrow band amplification, avoid any supplier promising broadband all networks boosters and have a maximum power of 17dB uplink gain.
  2. Built in interference protection protocols, such as powering down and going on standby mode when not serving a mobile user.
  3. CE Certification & RoHS certs
  4. Must have 4G and 3G (4G only boosters require a special license) 
  5. Self install home boosters start at £900 and usually come with a outdoor antenna, 10m cable, amplifier and whip aerial. (Contact us at [email protected] for a approved supplier or free advice)

All Legal Commercialised Network Signal Boosters

Higher power amplifiers are allowed but must boost individual networks one at a time, not altogether, the all network commercial signal booster is really a combination of many boosters to form one for all networks and the signal is then combined into one feed.

Always have the system installed by a professional, mobile signal boosters are a niche industry– if you’re not familiar with how to install a booster, our professional advice is to use a UK provider that is approved by the manufacturer. Mobile signal solutions engineers are certified by the two main manufacturers, Cel- Fi (USA) and Hi-Boost, a German based company.

Commercial grade multi-network amplifiers operate at up to 100dBi and cover up to 300,000 square meters, these systems not only use an individual amplifier but will use network and coverage units that are network grade equipment with remote dial in access and monitoring capabilities.

To cover all the main UK networks, Vodafone, o2, EE and 3 then best practice is to use Individual amplifiers, this gives greater scope for power levels, allowing the amplifiers for each network to operate at different powers. These can boost depending on the input signal for each network and as a result send a combined signal when each network has full bars into the DAS installed in the building. 

Choosing the best multi-network booster

Most likely you are already familiar with mobile signal boosters. In an attempt to solve all of your mobile signal issues, you’ve been searching the internet and seen dozens upon dozens. However, you may not know the exact models that are available, or which boosters are compatible to use with your mobile phone. If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the different signal boosters and which ones are more likely to suit your needs. 

We have been installing UK approved 3G, 4G, and 5G signal boosters longer than any other independent company, we boost each UK network and have the teams, the experience and the equipment to help you improve signal both in your home, office and Hotel!

All Networks Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Legal Mobile Signal Boosters

This booster will cover all networks from Vodafone, O2, EE, Three and all the resellers like Virgin, ASDA, Tesco and a multitude of others. There is also the option to cover voice only, 3G only, 4G only or indeed all three.

As the signal booster must deal with the complexity of having all networks inputted at the same time it needs to have a large range of noise filters to handle this. It also must be able to identify each network individually and decide what amount to boost that signal. For this reason the all networks signal booster tend to be high end equipment and should be installed by a team of professionals who have been trained specifically on all network boosters in the UK.

Business like hotels, hospitals and offices will have a wide range of people needed coverage across all networks and the all networks boosters are specifically designed for those needs. The system will take in multiple feeds from the outdoors via the roof, each antenna will be dedicated to a particular network. Once the signal is fed through to the booster each will connect to the appropriate network booster and amplify that signal to the appropriate level.

Once all the networks have been boosted individually the all network signal booster combines them using a frequency combiner and this all network signal is then transmitted across all the building using a DAS.

Commercial grade all network mobile phone boosters

Professional grade mobile signal repeaters designed for the large home or office, hotel, hospital where you need to cover all networks. GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G.  Professional installer network across the UK . There are several frequency options for mobile phone repeaters. You can choose to boost just one frequency like 1800Mhz or all five major mobile phone network frequencies in the UK; 800/900/1800/2100 and 2600Mhz

We combine the networks within the main repeater unit, then we combine all and feed into one network of antennas. The distribution antenna network works with all phone networks and will send signal throughout the building.

Our team will check the signal levels and the frequencies that the 3G,4G and 5G signal is transmitted to your building and design a tailored all network system.

When to choose a network specific signal booster?

The home signal boosters you will see for sale online in the 200 to 500 GBP region are almost certainly illegal, these will boost all the networks but without the necessary filters to protect the network itself from interference. For this reason we recommend if you are buying a small and relatively inexpensive repeater for your own home and have a small budget only buy a repeater that does one network, it will usually cost under £900 (still expensive) and have a very limited range, it will however be compliant and within the law as advised by Ofcom.

You can purchase a legal and compliant booster that is within budget and self install and our team are happy to advise on the best model and size, we will also give some guidelines when it comes to install or we have a private homes division that will do small simple mobile repeater installations within the UK. Contact the team on phone, email or contact us through live chat and we will be happy to help.

Options for 2 or more networks to have mobile signal boosted

Where you do not need all networks but want more then one networks to be improved, we can install a combination of any of the below networks. Simply choose the most important networks to your business and we can build the amplifier to suit. You can choose between any of the following combinations. When you choose EE it will automatically boost all the networks in the table below.

You can choose any one or a combination of any networks.

Up until June 2022 amplifiers could only do 1 network per amplifier, multi band are now allowed but with a maximum power level of 17 dB uplink gain, there are many other legal requirements ofcom have outlined here in a 52 page legal document,

Asda MobileGiffGaffVoxiiD Mobile
BT MobileSky Mobile  
Plusnet MobileTesco Mobile  
Virgin Mobile   
Utility Warehouse

Vodafone Signal Booster


The brand Vodafone does not need any introduction and speaks for itself. It is the UK’s most widely used network carrier, with over a third of the population using its services. When our Vodafone signal boosters are used, you don’t ever have to worry about losing signal on your phone. Our boosters have been designed to keep a strong and consistent phone signal. 

The main frequencies Vodafone will use is 900 and 2100MHz. There are multiple narrow banks within these that the network uses depending on its licence agreement with Ofcom and the area you live in. We isolate the frequency and match the booster to that frequency to guarantee you Vodafone signal throughout the building. This can be combined with any other UK networks to give an all network mobile phone signal booster.

O2 Signal Booster


This is one of the UK’s leading signal carriers. It has the second-biggest customer base, trailing only Vodafone. Ofcom has rated it the highest when it comes to customer satisfaction. We have numerous O2 signal boosters available for you at our store. Whether it is 4G or 3G, everything that you need is only one click away. These boosters provide you with reliable, strong, and steady signals every day, all day long.

3 Network Signal Booster


In terms of affordability and reliability of voice, data, and text services, the company that really knows how to get these things done is Three Mobile. It is well-known for keeping current with its customers and is on the frontline at all times when it comes to the enhancement and development of its services. 3 mobile signal booster is available to make sure your service works optimally at all times. Eventually, you’re gonna need to make a phone call and if you are set up in a rural area or on the outskirts of an urban area the signal may be bad or even non-existent. This is where our 3 Network Signal Booster comes in and makes life so much easier. It will help amplify the signal strength you do have, wherever you may be and gives you the boost your signal needs. More strength in the signal means more calls and more work getting done. With our 3 mobile signal booster “dead zones! will be a thing of the past!

Choosing The Correct 3 Network Signal Booster

Every customer will want to get the best 3 network signal booster and here at Mobile Signal Phone Booster Solutions, we have the one for you. Our boosters are designed for customer satisfaction and we stand behind our products. With our 3 mobile signal booster you can feel confident the dropped calls or just being stuck in a dead zone will be a thing of the past. So the choice shouldn’t be a difficult one, buy at Mobile Signal Solutions for the best solution to your weak signal.

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EE Signal Booster

ee signal booster

According to in 2020, EE UK Limited is known as the fastest mobile network. It is operated as a BT group subsidiary. Although it has been voted as being the fastest network, at times, your phone may still fail to pick its signal up, and that is why an EE Signal Booster is needed in order to keep the network as strong and fast as you possibly can. They were the first to introduce 4G and are one of the leaders in 5G being introduced across the UK. Our network boosters will boost EE signal plus any other networks you need to improve signal across your building, office, home or hotel. 

The EE in generally uses 800MHz and 1800MHz and has coverage across all parts of the UK. Signal is usually affected by the building materials that block EE signal entering your building. The signal booster will overcome the  poor signal and can be combined to create an all network booster for all UK networks or just a combination of any needed.

Virgin Mobile signal Booster

Virgin is powered by EE and once you have an EE signal booster in place this will automatically power the Virgin network throughout the building. Many Hotels need multi network boosters as the guests have different networks running on their mobile devices. EE covers five reseller networks as well as its own and is a good step towards having happy guests during their stay.

This company is a UK network carrier that is a Virgin Media subsidiary. It is run as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which means it actually maintains its very own network. Although it is that advanced, it is still possible to experience signal loss which is why you need to have a Virgin Mobile signal booster in order to always maintain a strong and consistent Virgin Mobile signal.

Virgin 2G or data like 4G and 5G can be boosted and will send powerful Virgin signal throughout the building.

Tesco Signal Booster

Back in 2003, Tesco Mobile joined the telecommunications industry. Since that time it has become one of the major players in the business. Like Virgin Mobile and BT, the company is a Virtual Network provider that runs on the O2 network. However, it doesn’t offer conference calls and call diverts. The other drawback is that at times the network can be a bit unstable and this is why you need to have a Tesco Mobile Signal Booster. That way your phone will always have a strong signal. 

BT Signal Booster

Similar to Virgin Mobile, BT Mobile is run as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Although it is fairly new to the market, it has caught on as being one of the leading network carriers. All users of BT Mobile need the BT Mobile Signal Booster. In order to maintain a strong signal connection with this booster, you won’t need to worry about the loss of your BT Mobile signal, whether it is data, text, or calls. 

Whilst all the talk at the moment is about 5G, there will be people who fail to upgrade for years to come meaning you’ll need to support legacy networks such as 4G. And there are a range of different networks including 3G, 4G and 5G that all need to be implemented in a way that fully covers your premises. Each network has its own limitations when it comes to planning a fully redundant system for any enterprise.

There are many benefits to owning a mobile signal booster. In addition to enjoying an uninterrupted cell signal, you also will have extended battery life and will be able to save on your expenses. So whether it is a Tesco booster, Talk Talk booster, Giff gaff booster, or Vodafone booster, you need to have one. One really good thing about the boosters is there are one for all boosters that are available. So get one for yourself today!

MSS is The UK’s number one signal booster provider and we will survey and install your booster within 3-4 weeks of receiving a order.

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