Commercial Mobile Repeater Installation

Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) Technology is an UK installer of Ofcom approved telecom equipment to improve mobile signals indoors for any UK business that suffers with blackspots or no coverage.  Our systems are designed to help businesses when the official mobile networks can’t help but your business needs mobile signal to succeed.

Our systems are custom designed and will vary by building but we have worked with large multi-story new building projects and achieved fantastic results. In some cases we have worked with buildings that have been foil insulated and have blocked the signal entering the building and we have even installed systems in castles with 5 feet thick walls blocking the signal. We can work with you to design an internal network and we only need to have an input signal available outside and a method to run cables internally.

Our engineer survey will identify a plan to run cables and give coverage guarantees, we have a team of highly specialised engineers worldwide dedicated to ensuring signal spread is exactly as promised in our reports, usually over 95% coverage is possible with the exceptions of lifts (metal cages) and emergency exit stairwells (cable issues) having poor coverage.

Our team can make it happen and we can arrange a survey for you at £295/€350 plus vat – fully refundable once you decide to go with a solution.


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Our speciality is helping clients overcome the issues of poor mobile phone reception. Our professional corporate GSM/DATA installation team deals with projects up to 100,000 square metres.

We have Engineers on hand ready to work with you to give coverage on any network throughout your building.

  • Free Estimates
  • Full building survey and reports (£295 refundable)
  • Solution Engineering & Design
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Management
  • Professional Installation
  • Final Walk-through & Analysis
  • Guaranteed Coverage





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All systems come with a 3 years warranty and an option to provide a next day on-site maintenance agreement.

Devices automatically and seamlessly integrate with our systems

With our professional corporate GSM installations, we can cover specific networks and specific frequencies for 2G/3G/4G/5G to provide the solution you need.


Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS)

We develop solutions for any of the UK mobile networks, we can boost individual or multi networks to ensure your building has full voice,  4G & 5G signal indoors helping increase sale and rental values for commercial buildings and increase guest return rates for hotels and conference centres.

Our team has gained the experience to allow us to give a free estimate of costs from plans before doing a full survey and report which we charge a nominal rate to cover the engineers travel costs.