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Wiredscore Connectivity Assessment

WiredScore certifications enable landlords to achieve higher rents and building valuations. The certification shows that buildings meet the highest IT connectivity standards, now and into the future, to ensure reliable and stable high speed connectivity across both wifi and mobile networks for its residents.

It also grades the building’s overall infrastructure’s ability to easily complete future upgrade work on cabling for networks. It takes into consideration backup networks and resilience of the network to 3rd party interference, such as external building works.  

Platinum, Gold and Silver ratings are available and a mobile signal booster system can help achieve the highest ratings as well as help ensure satisfied long term tenants.

WiredScore Criteria for Mobile Signals 

Overall there are 105 points available for WiredScore certifications. Connectivity is the most important with 50 points assigned to it, and mobile signal is key to achieving this score. The other criteria focus on Infrastructure, readiness and innovation.

WiredScore criteria for mobile signal indoors
WiredScore criteria for mobile signal indoors

The minimum requirement for mobile signal performance is platinum level in regard to the A5 Connectivity criteria point, no other level is accepted and will result in a failure. Connectivity criteria point A1 can be awarded a Gold or Silver status. All 7 Connectivity criteria go towards your WiredScore certifications and Mobile Signal Boosters will help improve your score for 5 out of the 7 criteria, in order to gain the maximum 50 points for connectivity.

WiredScore Connectivity has seven criteria to earn up to 50 points 

  1. A1 Connectivity options
  2. A2 Connectivity diversity
  3. A3 Provider fiber distribution
  4. A4 Planned connectivity options
  5. A5 In-building mobile performance
  6. A6 Public Wi-Fi coverage
  7. A7 Public Wi-Fi/mobile performance

High quality mobile signal helps to improve the score for multiple criteria from A1 to A7. The below sections outline the areas where 3G, 4G and 5G signal boosters help your building to score the highest points possible.

A2 Connectivity Diversity

The signal for a mobile signal booster comes in from the roof and is at less risk to disruption from external third parties such as construction, roadworks and work on walkways in public areas directly outside the building. The signal boosters DAS has multiple voice and data access points that can be accessed by client devices should their main wifi go down, this gives additional diversity to connectivity for tenants. 

Mobile Signal Solutions is a Wiredscore standard installation expert
MSS are WiredScore standard Installation Experts

A4 Planned Connectivity Options

The addition of a mobile repeater system will add 4 more high speed data options over any of the four main mobile operators. Clients will have access to connectivity from Vodafone, EE, Three and o2 network. These also allow the client to have choice.

The addition of 4 mobile broadband networks as well as access to all 60 virtual resellers will highlight the landlords ability to provide multiple high quality services providers for tenants to choose from, allowing tenants access to competitive offerings otherwise not available without a signal booster in place

A5 In Building Mobile Performance

This criteria measures the signal quality. The RSRP signal will vary from -40, which is excellent, to -120, which is unusable. The score range required by WiredScore for mobile performance can be seen in the table below. The minimum RSRP to meet the platinum standard is 95dBm. There are no silver or gold awards in this category.

Signal Levels to meet WiredScore criteria
Signal Levels to meet WiredScore criteria

Note: These ranges are subject to change, always check with an MSS engineer for the most up to date levels required.

Having high quality mobile phone signals in the building will also work as a fallback for clients or tenants should the wifi network go down at any stage. This is taken into account by WiredScore, which will also assess data speed. For this reason the RSRQ and SINR, as well as the signal bars displaying on devices, are important factors.

SINR (Signal to noise ratio) is a key determinant of the speed and quality of mobile signal. WiredScore assess and require your building to have strong SINR scores, as this is crucial for customer satisfaction. Upload and download speeds, along with the mobile networks ability to act as a backup for the wi-fi should it go down is important.

SINR formula- a key indicator of wiredscore signal quality
SINR formula – a key indicator for signal quality

A6 & A7 Public Wireless Connectivity Access

As part of WiredScore’s assessment, the common areas of the building will be assessed to determine if the general public can continue to be connected to mobile and laptop devices. The handover from available outdoor signal to an indoor network is key, traditionally this has been a free access wifi network. By delivering a high speed all networks solution you can give clients access to a public network in all shared areas in the building, that meet the criteria for both wifi and mobile network options. By overlapping the two, coverage across the entire area should be 100% and ensure higher platinum Wiredscore standards are achieved.

The system must be secure, safe, free of charge and accessible to all. Mobile networks across 4G and upwards will meet this criteria once installed to the Wiredscore standards.

Get Your WiredScore Boosted Today

Of the 7 WiredScore connectivity criteria, a Mobile Signal Booster system is essential for scoring highly in 5 of them.

A1 – Connectivity Options
A2 – Connectivity Diversity
A4 – Planned Connectivity Options
A5 – Mobile Signal Performance
A7 – Public Connectivity wifi / mobile

The overall score available for connectivity is 50 points, a signal booster will help to attain over 70% of these. The other criteria to consider is infrastructure and process based. Riser access and accessibility across the building are key to passing these other criteria. 

Mobile Signal Solutions boosters will help the building to qualify within the 5 criteria mentioned above and can help to elevate your score towards Platinum, Gold or Silver status.

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