How to Fix Poor Cell Phone Signal in Office Buildings

Image of man using his phone in an office
Image of man using his phone in an office

Are you tired of poor cell phone signal getting in the way of your job? Is your office plagued by dropped calls and an inability to close sales because of it? You might be wondering why is my signal so bad, and is it just me or does the whole office building deal with poor phone reception. 
In this article we’re going to look at how to fix poor cell phone signal in office buildings using Mobile Signal Boosting technology, what you can do in the meantime to improve it and what you should look out for when it comes to poor phone reception in office buildings.

Different Ways Fix Poor Mobile Signal in Office Buildings

Let’s take a quick look at how to get better phone service in your office building, before getting into the details.

  1. Manually select 3G or 4G to see if the signal improves as the phone may be ignoring a stronger signal in favour of one that’s on a higher frequency.
  2. Clearer line of sight. Move to an area where the signal is penetrating, so windows and higher floors tend to be best for coverage. 
  3. Reset your phone to make sure there are no connectivity issues with your device.
  4. Try using a Bluetooth headset so you can leave your phone where the signal is strongest.
  5. Try enabling Wi-Fi Calling if the signal is poor, but pay attention to the information we’ve outlined below, as this isn’t an ideal solution. 

Install an Office Mobile Signal Repeater or Booster to improve network coverage across your office.

These tips can make sure you never miss an important business call again, but if you’re not sure yet what these mean or how they can help we’re going to take a closer look at each one below. 

Manually select 3G or 4G 

Software, on the iphone in particular, is programmed to always auto-select the highest frequency band available, even if the signal is the poorest. Better signal strength may be available by simply switching manually from 3G to 4G or vice versa.

Clearer Line Of Sight

Do you find yourself having to walk away from your desk when you’re taking a call to go stand by a window in the lobby to get the reception you need? Sometimes just walking a few feet can make all the difference in improving a phone signal. While it’s not the best method or a long-term solution, the fewer obstructions there are between you and the cell tower the less likely you are to experience dropped calls or poor signal. This is why standing closer to windows can improve signal. In addition to this building materials, such as the insulation used in the building can hinder signal further and prevent coverage.

A Tried and Tested Restart

We know, it’s the basics of IT, but sometimes your phone may be stuck and not able to connect to a cell tower. Try turning it on and off again and see if the signal improves. If it doesn’t improve, or you’ve already established that it is a building issue and not unique to your own device, then we recommend you skip to our Mobile Signal Booster method below. 

Improve your Mobility with a Headset

If option one, moving to an area with better signal, is giving you the coverage you need but isn’t the most convenient option you could try using a bluetooth headset.
By connecting to your device via Bluetooth, you can leave your phone near a window with improved signal and increase your mobility with your bluetooth device.

This method will be limited to the range of your bluetooth device, and may not be a long term solution,  but it can make a difference in the interim and prevent some of the frustration caused by poor signal in your office building. 

Cautiously, Try WiFi Calling

Another great solution is to enable wifi calling on your device, this should allow you make outbound calls but you will miss any calls to your cell number. Wifi calling improves your signal by using your wifi network instead, improving your poor phone signal requires a booster for mobile phones. However, we must stress that by not addressing the poor signal in your office building itself you might still be missing important inbound business calls.

Wifi calling will allow you to make outbound calls with improved quality. Should your customers or leads try to call you through normal means, as most of us do, they will not be able to get through. Worst of all you won’t know that you’ve missed the call until you reach an area with good coverage and get notified.

Install a Mobile Signal Booster

For the best long term solution that should work to improve mobile signal across your office building, we recommend you install a Mobile Signal Booster which can amplify network coverage for the whole building.

Mobile Repeaters are a popular choice in the UK for improving signal strength and coverage in office buildings, in turn increasing productivity within your team and making sure you never miss or drop a call again. By working with an approved installer like MSS, who use Ofcom compliant repeaters, you can rest easy knowing your booster is installed professionally and legally. Contact our team today to arrange a Free estimated cost for you office building. 

wifi vs mobile signal boosters
wifi vs mobile signal boosters

In conclusion, there are a number of methods you can use to improve your poor phone reception. How to get better phone service can be simple, from moving to an area with better signal, to enabling wifi calling. However, for the best, most sustainable option, we recommend installing a mobile signal booster system to improve network coverage across the building, and keeping our sales coming in without delay.

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