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Man using a signal booster for vodafone

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Vodafone is one of the leading network carriers in the UK, and an estimated third of the population uses them. While they are popular and have wide coverage across the country, there are times when you will lose signal. This could be when you are on your way to work, at home, or in your office, and there is little you can do to avoid this. Often, the signal loss is not directly related to the Vodafone network and is instead a result of the Vodafone signal being blocked by insulation intended to retain heat but also blocks signal.

Mobile Signal Solutions is an Ofcom compliant installer of Vodafone signal boosters and mobile repeater equipment. Call our experienced team today to discuss improving the Vodafone network in your location. Using an compliant mobile signal booster for Vodafone and a network of antennas you can say goodbye to dropped calls.


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Vodafone Signal Booster UK
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Benefits of a Vodafone Mobile Signal Booster

There’s nothing worse than a missed or dropped call because your phone is suddenly struggling to pick up mobile Vodafone network coverage. If you have this issue, the answer to your problem is a Vodafone signal booster. These boosters are locked to the Vodafone signal and will make it available to your phone. If you are unsure about getting a booster, you should consider all the perks that come with it.

When you use a Vodafone approved booster, you will get a better signal connection. This means that your calls will have better quality, you will drop fewer calls and your texts will go through faster. Noise and distortion will also be reduced when you make a call. If you have weak and unstable connections, the signal will be boosted and strengthened when using a booster. This results in a constant 5 bar signal which is what everyone wants. If you want advice on 3G, 4G or 5G network boosters we have a guide to help.

Network Issues for Vodafone

In urban areas, Vodafone boasts robust mobile coverage, ensuring high coverage capacity. However, venture into UK’s villages, and you may encounter a starkly different reality, with EE and Vodafone phone signals often faltering. Slow internet—a byproduct of weak signals—can hinder your online activities. But there’s a solution: a Vodafone 4G signal booster. By amplifying your current signal, this device delivers the high quality connection you’ve been missing. Experience the swift internet speeds you deserve, banishing the days of frustratingly inadequate connections that stall your online browsing.

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Mobile Booster for Vodafone

SureSignal Booster by Vodafone

Vodafone discontinued their in-house booster, SureSignal, in 2022 and now directs customers to independent suppliers like Mobile Signal Solutions for signal boosting needs.

Unlike SureSignal, which was exclusive to Vodafone, the Huaptec repeater enhances coverage for Vodafone as well as other UK networks, like EE, Three and Tesco Mobile. Given the significant challenges associated with WiFi calling, investing in a signal booster emerges as the most effective strategy to provide strong indoor coverage on the Vodafone network, thereby minimising missed or dropped calls.

Purchase an Ofcom Compliant Mobile Signal Booster for Vodafone UK

MSS provide the leading vodafone signal boosters for small homes offices, which can be self-installed in 3 steps.
Our self install options are not suitable for commercial use, larger office spaces or offices with multiple users adding demand on the network, for commercial solutions contact our team today

If you need to boost your Vodafone signal for your commercial property you may need higher grade Vodafone signal boosters, this is due to the demand that will be placed on the signal. Our smaller mobile signal boosters are suitable for use in home offices, and single areas. For the best commercial solution to boost your network signal for large factories, warehouses, offices, apartments and schools our team of professional installers will help you build a bepoke solution to suit your needs.

We start off by asking you some simple questions, such as how large the building or space you need boosted is or if it’s just Vodafone you need booster or other networks like EE or o2? Once we gather this information we will provide you with a remote estimate detailing the estimated cost of installing your Mobile Booster for Vodafone. Get in touch with our advisors by clicking the link below to find out more.

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FAQ’s about Signal Boosters for Vodafone

The Vodafone Network Boosters can help all the following signal levels:

Vodafone 2G Booster – Also known as a Vodafone voice-only booster. This operates on 900MHz and is a good place to start, we recommend adding 4G into the signal booster which is available with a 800MHz Vodafone booster.

Vodafone 3G Booster – The signal is on 2100MHz and can be boosted to help Vodafone data and voice. This is being switched off by Vodafone between 2024 and 2025 and we recommend a multi-band booster that includes the 800MHz band to future proof the Vodafone signal booster.

Vodafone 4G Booster – The 4G has grown over the last 3 years, in the city it is mainly on 2600MHz which can handle huge volumes of users with no latency while 700MHz is used in the countryside areas as it travels further and a Vodafone Booster will boost all 4G Vodafone signal.

Vodafone 5G Booster – Only available in limited areas. We can boost 5G into the building once Vodafone signal exists outdoors. This is mainly availble on the old 700MHz and 2600MHz bands”

Vodafone, like other major mobile network operators, does not manufacture its own signal boosters; however, it does provide signal boosters from external manufacturers that are compatible with the Vodafone network. These boosters are designed to enhance Vodafone reception in areas suffering from weak or no signal.

It’s important to note that while Vodafone may sell signal boosters, they may not be the only option available on the market. It’s always recommended to check with other signal booster manufacturers and suppliers to see if they have compatible equipment with Vodafone’s network before purchasing. It is also important to ensure that the signal booster is Ofcom compliant, so that it can be used legally in the UK.

Vodafone boosters will simply take in the outdoor Vodafone signal, improve it by up to 80dB and then send it around the building either broadcasting from an internal aerial for a Huaptec Vodafone booster of using a network of antennas for a commercial Vodafone booster solution.

The signal is brought in via a LMR400 cable, which is a low-loss cable that allows the signal to remain strong until it reaches the Vodafone signal booster. Once the LMR400 cable is inputted to the mobile phone signal booster, it can now be amplified. The Vodafone signal booster will give this input an additional boost and send the signal from the booster throughout the building, either through its own built-in antenna for the smaller amplifiers or through a DAS network that is connected to all parts of the building. The more open-plan the area, the further the Vodafone signal will travel.

There are several ways to increase Vodafone mobile signal strength:

  1. Move to a different band, select 3G or 4G and see will it help, this is important as 3G is being switched off in 2024 onwards: If you’re still in an area with poor Vodafone signal, try moving to a different location, such as a higher floor or a different room, to see if the signal improves.
  2. Check for network outages: Sometimes, network outages can cause signal problems. Check Vodafone’s website or contact their customer service to see if there are any known issues in your area.
  3. Remove obstacles: Walls, windows, and other obstacles can weaken the Vodafone signal. Open plan rooms will always have better coverage.
  4. Use a signal booster: A Vodafone signal booster can be installed to amplify the existing Vodafone signal and improve coverage in your home or office. It’s important to ensure the signal booster you choose is Ofcom compliant and compatible with Vodafone’s network.
  5. Check and update your device software: Sometimes, a software update can improve signal strength. Check for updates and install them if necessary.
  6. Turn off unnecessary apps and services: Running too many apps and services on your device can consume network resources and decrease signal strength. Close any unnecessary apps and turn off services you’re not using.

It’s worth noting that some of these solutions may not be effective in all cases, and the best solution may vary depending on the specific issue you’re experiencing with your Vodafone signal.