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Commercial Signal Boosters Installation Service in UK

Not sure what to expect? We begin by surveying your commercial building, we take signal readings and assess the floor plans & structural design of the building, which can all affect your phone signal. We then tailor a report detailing the costs and equipment needed to improve your signal with a commercial cell phone signal booster.

Our survey costs £295 plus VAT, however, this is deducted from the price should an installation go ahead, essentially working out free in the long run. Alternatively, you can receive a free commercial signal booster estimate based on floor plans, however, a survey must be carried out prior to installation.


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Commercial Signal Booster Designs for Offices, Hotels & All Buildings

Mobile Signal Solutions use a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to provide bespoke commercial mobile repeater solutions for voice and high speed data signal to large areas where phone signal is weak indoors. We use boosters built for UK networks, meeting both OFCOM compliance and UK network requirements.

The two main factors which cause poor coverage are weak outdoor signal i.e. being too far from the nearest base station, and construction materials such as foil insulation acting as a barrier impeding mobile signal from passing through the walls. We have even worked on older generation hotels with 5-foot thick walls.

A dedicated commercial signal booster, which MSS can provide, overcomes these issues by increasing signal to the DAS, capturing even a weak outdoor signal and distributing it throughout the building using a combination of active and passive components. So whether you lose signal due to a steel-framed structure, or because you’re simply too far from town, we have the commercial mobile signal solution for you!

Bespoke, Fast & Effective Commercial Mobile Cell Phone Booster Systems

At Mobile Signal Solutions we will meet your coverage needs. Our bespoke corporate DAS installation can accommodate one or all network operators including 2G voice, 3G, 4G and we are even preparing for the latest high-speed 5G technology. We have commercial signal boosters to suit every need. Contact us today to discuss the mobile repeater possibilities open to you.

Poor Cell Phone Signal? MSS Commercial Signal Boosters Can Resolve It

A poor and unreliable mobile signal can be infuriating and the network operators are rarely able to help as the issue is usually outside their control, mainly due to signal blocking material such as insulation being the reason behind poor mobile phone signal. For this reason you often need to find a way to improve signal using approved contractors like Mobile Signal Solutions who have commercial grade, UK approved commercial signal boosters.

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Outside Donor Antennas Installed by MSS

No Signal is No Option – Organise Your Mobile Repeater Solution Today

Mobile phones & phone calls are the lifeblood of any business, add to that the fact that all companies use smartphones to communicate via emails, text messages and all forms of social media. Reliance on quality indoor mobile phone signals is a must.

Prevent your business from suffering unnecessary difficulties due to poor mobile signal. By having our team provide you with a top class commercial cell phone booster system, you are ensuring communication is always at a maximum in your building. Installing a legal and reliable system is all that’s required, it can be an expensive option, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

For any business that needs a mobile signal solution, a professional install of a commercial signal booster that is OFCOM compliant, we recommend you contact the team and ask for a survey. Surveys cost £295 plus vat and are refunded to you once you proceed with the installation, essentially working out free in the long term.


Frequently Asked Questions

A GSM or 3G/4G signal booster is designed to improve your mobile phone voice calls coverage in areas where the signal is weak. This is usually in remote areas or in a well-insulated house or office building. If you cannot make a call without the sound breaking up or if your data connection keeps timing out, the best mobile signal booster for you will solve the issue and give you perfect voice and data. There are a few different types of commercial signal boosters available in the UK. Let’s explore a range of these in the next few questions and explain why an MSS mobile repeater is still the best solution.

The least useful but simplest is a static indoor mobile repeater designed to improve coverage inside a building. It is a passive system normally consisting of three parts: an outdoor “downlink” antenna that’s located usually on a roof or exterior wall, a smaller “uplink” antenna inside your home which is usually only used in homes as the power is so low, and an LMR400 cable that relays the signal from one to the other. The idea is that your mobile phones and other cellular devices can connect to the DAS which is powered by the good outdoor signal carried along the cable. If we can all agree that this option is unlikely to help, let’s move on to commercial signal booster options that can help.

A smart repeater is a plug-and-play indoor mobile repeater that directly boosts the main mobile signal, giving devices a better connection in that room. These can only be purchased from the networks themselves and it is not possible to buy and operate a smart repeater of your own or one that will do multiple networks. These are relatively cheap and your mobile network can provide you with an approved and licensed one. The issue is that it rarely covers more than one room and will only work with the devices registered to it so any guests will have trouble connecting. These have too many issues for most businesses so it is better to look into commercial signal boosters more suited for your businesses needs and demands.

By buying your own mobile signal booster, the booster will boost one specific network and will always be a cheaper option than a multi-network repeater. You can buy boosters from numerous online stores and installation doesn’t have to be difficult. However as it involves outdoor aerial and cabling, it is far from plug-and-play. We have a team for both commercial mobile booster installations and smaller home mobile repeater installations when needed. In the UK, especially due to strict Ofcom regulations, it’s important to pick the right sort of booster. Many mobile repeaters sold are actually illegal to use in the UK, while certain boosters are licence-exempt, meaning anyone can own and operate them in the UK. There are legal restrictions that you need to be aware of. Three, O2, EE or Vodafone signal boosters or boosters for any individual networks can be installed by our professional MSS team, which offers the best value and reward for guests, staff or visiting clients.

Commercial grade signal boosters for each UK network can be purchased and installed by our team. You can choose any of the UK networks, and the main networks also support networks like ASDA Mobile and Virgin. Call our team to help you choose the best commercial signal booster based on the coverage area and what UK network you need.

This is the most popular solution for mobile repeaters in the UK and has major cost advantages. It essentially combines multiple signal network frequencies with high-grade noise filters for a crystal clear sound.

  1. Use WiFi for data so data transfer remains excellent
  2. Improving GSM means no more dropped calls
  3. GSM boosters tend to be the most effective as the technology is available longer
  4. The best value booster is always a GSM voice booster
  5. 3G and 5G can be added at a later stage very easily

These commercial cell phone boosters are also available in the UK. The higher frequency used means it can vary much more data and over 2600Mz the data is exponentially much higher than over 900MHz. The cost of this extra load is that it loses signal much faster and hence as it moves into the rural areas, the signal drops off considerably. The GSM signal has always travelled further and faster, and makes a more effective solution for homes and businesses. The best 4G signal boosters and 5G boosters are available, but always check the outdoor signal if your business is over 3 miles from the local base station which transmits, for the best commercial signal booster results.

A femtocell is an expensive but compact mobile base station that connects to a fixed broadband connection in your building and uses that connection to connect to the mobile network. If your home or office suffers from low-quality voice calls, and the outdoor mobile phone signal is also weak but you have a fixed line or satellite broadband, a femtocell can make a huge difference by routing the traffic over your wired internet connection, rather than through the local base stations. Femtocells can connect up to 12 devices, including smartphones at any one time.

A GSM voice signal booster will provide coverage to business customers and is a solid and legitimate option. If you’re buying, please be careful and ensure that the boosters sold are Ofcom-compliant – the reseller will usually advertise this heavily on their store. Also check what return policy they offer if the booster fails to work at your home or business and if they have an installation option. Mobile Signal Solutions can install a commercial signal booster in a few easy steps:

  1. Discuss your requirements for network and speed
  2. Survey the building and the outdoor signal
  3. Design a network of internal antennas and amplifier size
  4. Price and help you choose the best option for you
  5. Install the system and carry out checks 
  6. Give a full warranty
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