Any traditional signal booster has a standard working technique. It basically catches the weak network signals (even if your smartphones are unable to do so) and amplifies and transmits them in areas of poor signal reception. The best feature of this device is that it can support multiple connections. This means that all our family members or colleagues at work can enjoy the benefits of one EE signal booster simultaneously (provided they all use the signal transmitted at the same frequency band).

There is a huge variety of EE signal booster models available to enhance EE signals for calls only or calls with 3G or 4G EE signals. You’ll find models of mobile phone signal booster EE for home (GSM, EE 3G signal booster and EE 4G signal booster) that are compatible with other major networks of the UK and EU. All-in-one solutions for all types of signal and networks are also available.

Our lives have become so dependent on mobile phones that we cannot bear poor signals to disrupt our daily routine tasks. It becomes even more difficult when our offices and homes don’t allow for uninterrupted signals inside. The subscribers of EE as well as of other network providers in the UK may face this problem on a regular basis. However, the good news is that this can be resolved once and for all. The solution is simple: get an EE signal booster installed in the home or office.

This professional device can improve signal detection and boost EE signal in your office, shop, home, car, or any other indoor place that lacks a steady signal.

Read on to find out about EE network problems and how we can help you resolve them by installing an EE signal booster!

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EE network coverage issues

EE is a major network provider in the UK, with extensive mobile network services and reliable phone signals (at all major EE frequency ranges of the country) in both rural areas and cities. However, EE network problems still occur.

In urban areas, the EE mobile coverage capacity is on a high level. Whereas in villages in the UK, the phone connection is far from perfect and people may face EE mobile signal issues. However, people in cities may suffer from the same issues as well. The power and quality of signals indoors and outdoors can greatly differ. The following are the common reasons for signal deterioration:

  • Distance from cell towers or mobile mast
  • Issues with your phone’s antenna
  • Your location on the ground (if you’re in a basement or a tunnel) or vice versa (top floors, mountainous area). High trees and hills are other landscape peculiarities that can affect EE signals.
  • Your building has thick, insulated walls
  • Weather (heavy rain or snow can cause signal disruption)

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EE Signal Booster for Commercial Spaces

We, at Mobile Signal Solutions only install for the commercial market, with the focus on top quality, large scale signal boosters in the UK and EU. Our services include completing a survey, designing a system that fits your needs and budget and then installing legally compliant EE mobile signal boosters. We deal with a variety of networks besides EE.

All networks have their own amplifier but feed into one distribution system. This way you can cover multiple networks with one system.
Mobile Signal Solutions is the most experienced and longest established signal booster in the UK. The services we offer include:

  • Ofcom compliant signal boosters
  • United Kingdom-based surveyors
  • UK installation service for small as well as commercial signal boosters
  • UK based customer service and support
  • Warranty and extended service option
  • Excellent references in all industries, (we have installed mobile signal booster systems for many airports, hotels, hospitals, and other large corporate offices and headquarters)
  • Long-standing record of delivering full signals to your building
  • Fair and clear pricing (no hidden costs)

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EE signal checker

EE signal checker helps you inspect the mobile signal strength wherever you are and also highlights any network problems in your area. You can easily check how the various EE mobile signals – 2G, 3G and 4G- are performing in your area, anytime, and anywhere you want.

Buy EE Signal Booster

There is a lot to consider when you go out to buy an EE signal booster. The type of booster (2G, 3G, 4G LITE) you should purchase depends on your specific needs. If you want to boost voice calls to a larger extent than your data, then an EE signal booster supporting 4G LITE may be the best option for you. With regard to the frequency range, EE signal boosters having a frequency range of 900/1800 MHz are considered to work better than those with 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz The EE network also operates within this frequency range.

We recommend the following three mobile signal boosters for your home:

  • WB Mini Dual Bands Booster 800/2600 – 4G
  • WB GSM Mini 900/1800MHZ Signal Booster
  • GSM PRO 2100MHz 3G Booster

Need help with Installation and Maintenance of an EE Signal Booster?

Many people are afraid to order EE signal boosters just because they are worried that they will not understand how to install the amplifier and use it. However, the whole process is fairly simple, and we are here to do it for you.

You will need expert support when installing your EE signal booster. Our team of engineers can fit the signal booster and ensure that you have EE signal throughout your office or home. For more information, contact us today!


The EE mobile signal booster is the most reliable solution for any EE signal problems. The device strengthens the signal in areas with poor EE signal reception. The booster system consists of the EE signal booster box besides two antennas.

The first antenna is set up outside the house/office with the main purpose of catching poor EE signal from the nearest cell towers. The booster box (which is placed indoors) intensifies this signal and then passes it on to the indoor antenna which distributes the improved signal around the house/office.

A great advantage of the EE signal booster is that it is easy to install and use. As soon as you set it all up, you will see positive changes in your signal power. The EE signal booster amplifies your existing coverage levels, helping turn one bar (or even a half bar) into full five bars of signal. You can make clearer calls with less noise and distortion.

The EE mobile signal booster comprises of four parts:

  • An exterior antenna
  • Coaxial cable
  • A signal amplifier
  •  An indoor antenna

The exterior antenna obtains signals from nearby cell towers and sends them onwards to the signal amplifier through the coaxial cables. The signal amplifier sends them towards the indoor antenna which then finally transmits the strong signals to all those areas facing poor reception.

Getting an EE mobile phone signal booster from us is the best way to boost your EE mobile signal. All the signal boosters we offer are 2G, 3G and 4G ready. EE’s signal box is another device that boosts mobile signals at home. It works by connecting to a router and sending traffic over the broadband network in order to increase mobile signal.

EE signal box is a device that gives you great reception around the house by using your home broadband connection. It plugs into your broadband router and creates a link to the EE network to provide great indoor mobile signal coverage.

It works by providing 3G coverage with a range of approximately 15 metres. This allows anyone with access to make a call just as normal. Moreover, any customers on the EE network can use the same box.

EE signal box will work with whatever broadband provider you use. You will, however, need a minimum broadband download speed of 512kbp and an upload speed of 256kbps. You will also require the following:

  • A 3G compatible phone on EE network
  • A spare Ethernet port in your router
  • A spare power supply near your router

The most common reason for poor mobile signals in the UK and the subsequent need for a mobile phone signal booster is insulation. While insulation does keep the heat in, it keeps GSM, 3G, 4G and microwave signals out. Installing an outdoor antenna lets you send the EE signal to the booster system, which boosts the signal to the level required. This is a mandatory requirement by Ofcom.

To improve EE signal strength in a large building, our engineers will also install a DAS, which is a comprehensive network of indoor antennas that spread the signals to rooms all over the building. As soon as the boosters are connected to the DAS, you will have improved EE signals throughout the building. This can amount to over 90% coverage in most cases.