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Hotel Signal Boosters

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The Importance of a Hotel Mobile Signal Booster

Providing reliable and extensive mobile signals throughout your hotel rooms, conference areas and grounds that support a variety of wireless providers can make certain that guests’ needs are being met throughout their stay, that they leave positive reviews and return to the hotel again. Installing our hotel signal booster solutions can help maximise your signal and give your guests the best experience possible. The reputation of your hotel may suffer if business travellers are complaining about the terrible signal in their room, with an MSS signal booster you are guaranteed a better visitor experience for your guests.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Mobile Signal Solution has now been engaged on successive projects being delivered by ourselves on behalf of key Clients of ours. We have found MSS to be an extremely valuable project partner both from a technical knowledge & delivery perspective and also the approach to customer service. The MSS team could not have been more proactive in their approach to integrating with other Contractors & trades during site installation, and we look forward to working with the team on future developments both in the hospitality industry & beyond.”

Gary Menzies BSc (Hons) MRICS MCInstCESAssociate Director, Amicus Property Consultants

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Our Hotel Signal Booster Clients

We have installations in place at major hotel groups across the UK. These were completed with minimal disruption to the day to day activities of the hotel staff and guests. A system typically takes 3-5 days to complete and within that time our engineers will work back of house for the majority of the work. New technology means the signal amplifiers require less internal antennas and cabling to ensure 99% coverage. Give us a call today.

5 Cost Factors for Hotel Mobile Signal Boosters in UK

The price of a hotel signal booster is typically determined by the following 5 criteria.

  • The size of the hotel, this includes how many floors.
  • Design of the hotel, open areas are easier to cover than small rooms.
  • Materials used in the design and construction such as installation and metal.
  • Number of networks needing coverage.
  • The strength of the outdoor signal levels already present.

MSS signal boosters offer monthly payment solutions that start at £390 per month for installation and maintenance support contracts. We also design and install one-off cost amplifier systems which typically start at £12,000.


Hotel Signal Booster Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most infuriating aspects for business guests of hotels is being unable to accept important calls. Hotels have won business based on improved mobile signal and indeed our clients have won the contract to hold conferences based on the lack of mobile signal at the previous location for the event, for sales people they demand signal and will stay at the hotels that can provide good coverage.

Our solutions work with any UK provider so we will always have the right mobile network booster for all of your guests. The products that we provide are a highly efficient way of supplying your guests with the standard of signal that people have come accustomed to. With our products, every guest in your hotel will feel right at home and will be able to map out their day as if they never left the house. The benefits of our solution aren’t just for the guests. Most hotel workers now depend on the internet for some aspects of their job and with great mobile internet and voice you will have happier guests and staff.

Whether you’re a large hotel or a small one, flawless mobile signals for guests is a must in this day and age. Mobile phone signal isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind if you’re a hotel owner or even a guest but you should be thinking about it at least. 

Providing excellent service is always a top priority for every hotel owner, as the modern guest expects a certain level of service.

Our systems are custom designed and will vary by building but we have worked with large multi-story new building projects and achieved fantastic results. In some cases, we have worked with buildings that have been foil insulated and have blocked the signal entering the building and we have even installed systems in castles with 5 feet thick walls blocking the signal. We can work with you to design an internal network and we only need to have an input signal available outside and a method to run cables internally. Get in touch with MSS signal solutions for a free estimate.