Are you tired of having a weak signal? Do you yearn for a powerful Three signal throughout your home? If so a Three signal booster could be the solution you have been looking for.

Three is one of the most popular phone signals in the UK. It is an amazing network that puts its customers first and always stays ahead to make sure they improve its services.

A Three mobile signal booster UK can be installed in your home, office or wherever to optimize your phone signal. The booster improves your connection, erasing dropped calls and dead zones from your life.


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Three Network Coverage Issues

Every year, it seems that mobile connections improve in the UK. Unfortunately, some of us may not experience the great signal that the UK has to offer. Three customers included may find that they have a weak signal in parts of their home, in their store or their office.

Here are some reasons why you could be receiving a weak signal:

  • Your network provider does not have sufficient antennas masted in your area – This is particularly a problem for customers who live in rural areas. Your network provider may not have an antenna close to your location. Or possibly obstacles are blocking your signal. Commonly hills between a base station and your location can disrupt signal strength.
  • Living in a basement or a high apartment – Poor connection should not be a problem in a big town or city as plenty of antennas are provided to ensure the people of the city have a good connection. Although the antennas cover large areas, sometimes they struggle to reach basements that are covered by thick reinforced ceilings. Also, signals may struggle to reach the higher floors of large apartment buildings. You should be aware that building materials such as insulation, concrete and steel can block and weaken your phone signal.

In modern times, nobody deserves a poor signal when it comes to our phones. Whether you want a stronger signal at home, at your workplace or in your car, you should think about a 3 mobile signal booster.

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Three Signal Checker

If you are a Three customer and still unsure about whether or not a booster is for you. We recommend you check your mobile signal on the Three website with the 3 coverage checker.

All you have to do is type in the postcode of the home or office. The website will then tell you what type of signal this area should receive.

Most areas should receive a 3G or a 4G connection. Some places especially in the big cities such as London and Manchester can receive the new and incredibly quick 5G connection.

If the Three website claims that the postcode is receiving a 5G, 4G or 3G connection your phone signal should be strong. If you are receiving a poor signal in these zones, it suggests your phone signal is being disrupted.

Providing that is the case, we recommend that you have a look at a Three 4G signal booster at Wave Boosters.

Three Femtocell

On your journey to try to understand your signal problems more, you may have come across the word Femtocell. Femtocell in simpler terms is a booster.

If you are searching for a Femtocell then look no further. We just give them a different name, signal boosters. And we have signal boosters specific for Three customers.

Buy 3 Signal Booster

We know you will want to get the best signal booster to enhance your Three connection. You can enquire here and we will help you choose the ideal booster for your situation.

We know that if you install our 3 mobile signal boosters UK, you can improve the phone signal at your home or office. With our boosters, your home will never have a signal dead zone again. So why not enquire here at Mobile Signal Solutions to take one step closer to a high-quality signal throughout your home.

Three Signal Booster for Commercial Spaces

If you want a Three signal booster for commercial spaces, we can install it too. Usually, if the commercial space is large it may require more than one box.

Arguably, signal boosters are a requirement for commercial spaces especially if they cover a large area. This is because even in a place with a strong signal, one router may not be sufficient enough for the entire area.

In order to improve your phone signal throughout your commercial space, Three boosters can be an excellent option. It will allow all people no matter where they are in the building to have a solid and reliable connection.

If your office, factory, shop or warehouse has countless dead zones around the place. If you feel like the poor signal is making your company seem unprofessional or is making your employees less productive. It is worth getting in contact with us at Mobile Signal Solutions and our experts can help you tackle your specific problems.

Need Help With Installation and Maintenance of a Three Signal Booster?

The installation process is simple. You can do it yourself. If you feel like you need help then don’t worry. We have a group of experts who are glad to come to you and assist you in the installation of your Three signal booster. To add, there is very little maintenance involved with having a booster. Just make sure it is kept in a safe location that it doesn’t get damaged. If you have any issues with the booster, our team will be happy to help and we can come out to sort out your problems.

Look no further and enquire here about a Three signal booster at Mobile Signal Solutions. A better signal can improve your life at home drastically.


We create our mobile signal boosters to allow you to have strong mobile signal in places that usually have poor signal. The booster is a special device that strengthens the signal coming to and from the phone signal tower.

Our Three boosters intensify the signal your phone receives from the base station. Additionally, the boosters strengthen your mobile phone signal which is received faster and stronger at the nearest base station. This means your phone sends and receives more efficiently.

The Three signal booster works the simplest and most effective way. You can even install it yourself.

First, an outside antenna catches the poor signal from the base station. Then the signal is transferred to the booster through a cable. After that, the booster strengthens the signal. And finally, the strengthened signal is transferred to your mobile phone, so you can have a strong and reliable mobile connection.

First and foremost, a Three signal booster is designed with one purpose. That purpose is to improve the phone signal of people whose network provider is Three. If you are a Three customer, who constantly has poor or no signal in dead zones around your home, a Three 4G signal booster is your solution.

The booster will improve your connection from lousy zero bars to an amazing full bar connection. It does this by picking up weak connections sent out by the nearest mobile base tower. Then the booster strengthens the connection so you can have an adequate connection in the area the booster is set up.

Noteworthily, boosters work best in cases that the connection is disrupted. For example, if the base station is near and something is blocking the connection such as hills, trees or most commonly the construction material of your building. If this is the case then a Three signal booster is the recommended solution. It allows you to have a top-quality connection to Three.

The last year has increased the amount of time we spend at home. Not only are people spending more time at home, but more and more people are also calling home their new workplace. There has never been a more essential time to have a good mobile signal in your home.

We know you want a good phone connection, no matter where you are in the house. Whether you are having a barbeque at the end of the garden or if you have set up an office in the spare room. You should be able to have an adequate mobile phone connection.

If you don’t have an adequate connection then the best solution is our 3 signal booster. Our friends over at Wave Boosters can provide you with an affordable signal booster. It is simple to self-install and amplifies the connection your phone receives from the base station.

You do not need to worry about a failed Zoom call or be frustrated because YouTube is taking an age to stream a video. Our boosters can improve your 3 connection all over your home whether it is in the basement, kitchen, garden or the comfort of your own bedroom.

Three used to supply a little black box called the Three Home Signal Box. These boxes worked in a similar way to boosters. You could easily install one in a place in your home that received a poor signal and it would strengthen the connection.

Unfortunately, Three have discontinued the Home Signal Box. However, it is nothing to be upset about as boosters are still here. Our 4G signal boosters Three are effective and reliable. They are easy to install and they provide a stronger signal to a larger area.

Perhaps you wish to wait a little longer and see if the situation improves before investing in a Three booster. That is perfectly reasonable. Here are some tips that could help improve your signal without buying a booster for your home or office:

  • Place your phone in an optimal place – Place your phone high up and near a window for optimal signal. Better yet, if you can go outside, the signal could improve. Remember thick walls can block signals and signal can pierce the glass of a window easier.
  • Don’t use too many devices at once – If you are not using your laptop or your tablet, it could be a good idea to disconnect them as they may interfere with the phone signal
  • Update your device software – Make sure the software on your Android or iPhone is updated and it could help improve your connection.