Mobile Signal Boosters for Office Buildings

Mobile Signal Booster for Large Office Buildings

WiFi Calling vs Mobile Signal Boosters Infographic
WiFi Calling vs Mobile Signal Boosters MSS Infographic

Why You need a Mobile Signal Booster for your Office?

Our cell phone signal booster for offices has been an important solution for companies throughout the UK, leading to increases in productivity and sales revenue within their teams. Having staff, and a sales team readily accessible on their mobile has been the key to our clients landing many successful deals.


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The Importance of an Office Signal Booster

Mobile Signal Solutions Installation Process

Why Do You Have Poor Mobile Signals in Your Office?

UK cities receive a strong signal from all network providers including Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. The problem arises from how the offices are constructed, a focus on insulation and heat retention means using materials that block the GSM, 3G and 4G signal entering the office. Mobile signal operates on frequency bands that struggle to get through numerous building materials including concrete, steel and foil backed insulating materials. In particular, kingspan insulation acts as a barrier for phone signals entering office buildings.

Example office before mobile booster was installed
man on mobile phone in office after installing booster

Advantages of Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office Buildings

There are two noticeable advantages to having mobile signal boosters installed in your office:

  1. A fast stable internet connection without wifi – It can be seen as a primary or back up data connection for your staff. All employees can connect to the internet with good speeds and stable connections. No matter what corner of the office you are in or what floor you are on your internet connection is stronger with correctly installed signal boosters. Improved internet connectivity will increase the productivity of your team. Additionally, employees will not experience the frustration of slow internet speeds. Potentially, improving employee satisfaction in the company.
  2. Better quality phone call signal and voice clarity – Failed calls and poor quality phone calls can hinder your company’s professional reputation. A signal booster ensures you that phone calls have good voice clarity and are successful. With a signal booster, you can be confident that your phone signal will not cut out in a call with an important client.


Frequently Asked Questions

Using a mobile signal booster for offices can help to increase productivity and workflow in a number of ways.

  • Your sales team won’t miss a call due to poor signal. 
  • Ensures upload and download speeds on mobile are fast and efficient for file sharing on projects. 
  • Clear and consistent call quality, without calls dropping or the need for staff to repeat themselves.
  • Effective communication at desk, without workers needing to move locations to get better signal and connectivity. 
  • Reduces health and safety risk, as people can call for help when needed. 

Installing a cell phone booster for your office building will allow calls, video conferences and cross team communication to run more smoothly, cutting down connectivity issues, and delayed file sharing for example, giving you happier employees and a more efficient work force. 

A building booster, like the kind using in an office installation, differs from a residential booster in that they can cover a much larger area. A cell phone signal booster that could be used at home would cover a much smaller area, needs less power and should be easy to self-install. A cell phone signal booster for office needs to cover a larger area and be able to handle more users and needs to be able to power a full DAS system, which means multiple antennas covering the entire office is needed.

This is why a building booster needs to be professionally installed and prices start from approx. £5,000, compared to domestic boosters which start from approx. £1,000 and are self-install, covering a small area.

Yes, as of May 2022, Ofcom now allows mobile signal boosters to boost the signal of more than one operator at a time. Once these boosters are installed correctly and follow Ofcoms restrictions. We recommend using professional installers, like Mobile Signal Solutions, when considering installing a cell phone booster for office building to make sure that you adhere to all guidelines. 

We use a frequency combiner to send one signal into the DAS network, with multiple mobile phone networks in that signal. This reduces the need for multiple DAS and keeps the costs lower. 

In an emergency, we can install a mobile signal booster for the office in a matter of days.
However, typically our process starts with a survey 1-2 days after you initially contact Mobile Signal Solutions for your office signal booster.
Once your onsite survey is completed by one of our team and we have received approval for the project to go ahead, your installation will be booked in for approx. two weeks time.

Our staff will do a full RAMs in advance of the work starting and we project manage the entire office signal booster installation.

Yes, there are regulations you must adhere to when installing an office signal booster. Ofcom have set regulations and requirements any license-exempt mobile signal booster for office must adhere to. These include power limits and frequency bands. These rules ensure that any cell phone signal booster for office that are installed do not cause any unwarranted and harmful interference to network users and operate within the permissible radio frequency spectrum.

When you are considering a network booster for office, there are a few crucial considerations to make. 

  • Decide the number of networks required for optimal performance. 
  • Make sure you have the accurate size of the building, including number of floors. If you have the building plans include these as well. 
  • Be aware of accessibility for the cable run
  • Determine the number of users in the building, be mindful of growth projections in the near future. 
  • Decide what your budget requirements are for your office signal booster project.
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