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Multiboost mobile repeater is leading the way for commercial mobile signal boosters. The Multiboost repeater boasts an array of incredible features all neatly packed into one mobile repeater, including it’s claim as ‘the only digital mobile signal repeater designed and manufactured in Europe.’ Mobile Signal Solutions is proud to be an official reseller and trained installer for this powerful device.

2000x1067_Multiboost_Infographic_Website (1) (2)
2000x1067_Multiboost_Infographic_Website (1) (2)

What makes the Multiboost mobile signal booster our repeater of choice? 

  • The Multiboost can boost all networks, in one casing.
  • It is 100% digital, it’s built-in remote diagnostics can be accessed easily.
  • Up to 17db per network.
  • Boosts up to 15 narrow band channels at once. 
  • The Multiboost signal repeater has 80db gain, and can cover large areas. 

If you’re interested in boosting signal at your commercial premise, get in touch with the MSS team today and we can see if Multiboost is the best fit for you.

What Are the Key Features of a Multiboost Repeater?

The Multiboost mobile signal repeater has an endless list of reasons why it ranks as our repeater of choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of this Multiboost device, that make is such an impressive piece of equipment.

  • Capable of handling multiple mobile operators and multiple frequency bands at the same time.
  • Easy setup and installation, can be remote accessed for diagnostics and maintenance.
  • CE certified, conforming to the latest Radio Emissions Directive.
  • Is future proofed and ready for when 5G signal can be boosted.
  • Compatibility with all Major Mobile Networks.

Multiboost vs Celfi Quatra

Multiboost Mobile Repeater and Celfi Quatra are the two leading, industrial grade, signal boosters in the UK at present. Each have their own benefits and reasons they are best suited to a job, we’re going to take a deep dive into what sets them apart. 

Multiboost Mobile RepeaterCELFI Quatra
Remote Diagnostics AvailableRemote Diagnostics Available
3G, 4G and 5G Boosting Options3G, 4G and 5G Boosting Options
Building Coverage: Multiboost is limited to a maximum of 3,000m square areas and can’t be expanded on, above this additional amplifiers are required, must either have a new outdoor donor aerial or be cabled back to the original antennas.Building Coverage: The Celfi Quatra can be extended indefinitely and is ideal for huge buildings where you wish to have one standalone system
Cost: Better value up to 5,000 sq. meters.Becomes competitively priced over 5,000 sq. meter. Celfi only works when you connect additional Coverage units, each almost as expensive as the NU and as such is a more expensive solution. 
Network Bands: Up to 15 narrow bands programme Up to 8 narrow bands programme
Power Levels: Operates at the maximum allowed by Ofcom 17dB
Overall power is improved due to 15 narrow band channels. 
Operates at the maximum allowed by Ofcom 17dB
Additional: Comes with 2600Mhz as standard, meaning it is 5G ready once Ofcom update regulations. Additional: Works over fiber and cat6.

While both systems are excellent pieces of equipment, they are at the higher end of the price list, but not without good reason. Both units outperform the competition with the exception of network grade equipment like Nokia or Ericsson, and both the Celfi Quatra and Multiboost have similar Network Units. 

How Does Multiboost Compare to Other Signal Repeaters

Supplier Specifications unitron celfi ericsson nokia
Suitable for Roofs above 20 floors
Fiber compatible – single node
Cost Effective
Ofcom UK requirement IR2102
Amplification 17dB 17dB 17dB 17dB
Remote dial in access
Integrated LTE modem
Bands per mobile operator 3 2 3 3
2 year equipment warranty
Network grade DAS
COMREG S.I.No 283 of 2018
5G 2600MHz installed
6G Compatible DAS upto 2700MHz

How It Works

When using a mobile repeater, it follows three simple steps as seen below:

The results are endless, using a signal booster in your commerical building will enhance call clarity, improve data speeds, and provide reliable connectivity in remote areas or areas experiencing poor signal. This is why boosting your mobile network can greatly improve efficiency in the work place.

  1. First the mobile booster will capture your cell phone signal reception using an outdoor antenna. This antenna will typically be placed where signal is the strongest.
  2. The captured signal is then amplified using the mobile booster, increasing the power of the signal and making sure coverage is improved.
  3. Once the signal is amplified it is then rebroadcasted across the building using an inside antenna, which then boosts the signal across the entire location.

Does Multiboost Support my Network

Unlike some other solutions which do individual networks, Multiboost only does an all network solution. All network carriers are supported with a Multiboost signal repeater, including EE, Vodafone, O2, Tesco, Virgin and 3, for the UK. Check below for your network, if it isn’t listed get in touch with our team to check compatibility now at [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

No this mobile signal repeater is not suitable for domestic use and installation. The repeater is designed to cover up to 5,000 sq. meters and is more suitable to large commercial spaces. This mobile repeater also needs to be professionally installed by an approved Multiboost installer. 

While 5G is pre installed into the device it is currently illegal to boost 5G. However this is under review by Ofcom and this feature can be switched on remotely when or if Ofcom update their regulations. 

The main advantage of using a Multiboost signal repeater is the extra bands the unit provides, the ability to choose up to 15 individual bands to boost means the system has greater redundancy, less dependence on any one band and can give a better overall performance. In addition to this the remote dial in feature allows your maintenance team to fix any issues that arise at a much faster rate.

We use the Multiboost Pro – MB1050NS1D03 model.

Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) have a nationwide installation team and are fully trained and certified by Multiboost, the manufacturers of Multiboost. Contact the team today to get a free estimate at [email protected]

These signal boosters can only be purchased from approved installers, for more information contact Multiboost directly or contact the MSS team for more information at [email protected]

In order to get the best pricing for your mobile signal repeater contact us, we have the best trade and retail prices for Multiboost. We also offer next day delivery on Multiboost units for approved installers. 

Yes, Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) are the first approved installers of Multiboost in the UK. You can call us today for a quote 01245791964

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If you’re looking to install Multiboost in your commerical property and need a quote, get in touch via the form below. These units are not available for self-installation projects and must be installed and set-up by a trained installer. 

If you’re an approved installer and want to discuss pricing for Multiboost units, we offer trade prices and next-day delivery on Multiboost products, reach out today via our contact form or call us on +44 1245 791964.

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