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No Signal in Your Elevator? Here’s How to Fix Emergency Call Failures

In the quest to modernise and streamline emergency communication within lifts, operators and manufacturers are increasingly shifting from traditional wired phone lines to more flexible SIM card-based systems. While this innovation promises convenience and efficiency, it also introduces a new challenge: the materials making up the lift structure can significantly block mobile signals. This situation often renders the emergency call button ineffective, particularly when the lift is moving, posing potential risks to occupants. This article delves into why commercial property owners should prioritise upgrading their lift signal systems, highlighting the risks associated with poor signal and outlining the best solutions to ensure reliable emergency communication. 

At Mobile Signal Solutions, we understand the critical importance of staying connected, even on the move between floors. Operating across the UK, our state-of-the-art mobile booster for lifts solutions are specifically designed to ensure that your lift installations overcome these unique connectivity challenges.

Why Improve Signal in Your Elevator?

Elevators in commercial properties aren’t just a means of transit between floors; they are critical infrastructure that should guarantee safety as much as convenience. Transitioning to SIM card-operated emergency buttons represents a step forward in leveraging technology for safety. However, the effectiveness of these systems hinges on the strength of the mobile signal. Improving signal in lifts is not optional—it’s a critical upgrade that ensures safety measures work as intended at all times.

Mobile Booster for Lifts
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Risks of Poor Signal in Lifts:

The primary risk of inadequate signal strength in lifts is the potential failure of the emergency call button. In a scenario where an occupant is stuck, or a medical, fire, or security emergency occurs, the inability to promptly connect with help can have serious consequences. Furthermore, the reliability of these communication tools directly affects the perceived safety and overall reputation of the commercial property.

Best Solutions for Improving Signal in a Lift

At Mobile Signal Solutions, we use a strategic approach to overcome the unique interferences caused in lifts. Due to the metallic structure and electronic systems in place in the lift, it is important that you work with a professional installer to get the best results.  Here’s how we ensure maximised mobile signal coverage within your lift with a mobile booster for lifts:

  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS): Our advanced DAS technology extends and amplifies coverage, ensuring a clear signal within the confined space of an elevator.
  • Custom Solutions: We design solutions tailor-made for your building’s architecture and specific requirements of the mobile networks within the UK.
  • Professional Installation: Our team of experienced technicians ensures minimal disruption during installation.
  • Long Term Maintenance: Depending on your chosen installation system, we also offer maintenance contracts to keep your system optimised long term.
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Which Signal boosting solution for lift shafts should you choose?

For buildings with 1-6 floors we can recommend either analog (lowest cost) or digital solutions with a small DAS connected inside the lift shaft.

Where the lift services are above six floors we recommend a digital network solution only and we will fit access points along the lift shaft to ensure the control box containing the sim cards to dial out.

We also recommend moving towards a universal roaming sim card, this will ensure the card picks up the best signal available regardless of network and will help the emergency line have a back up if one particular mobile network fails for any reason, it will simply roam to the next and continue to use the mobile signal booster system to complete the call.


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Modernising lifts with SIM card-operated emergency buttons is a step forward in leveraging technology for safety. However, it presents a new challenge – ensuring reliable signal strength. For commercial properties, taking proactive steps to enhance signal in lifts is not just about adhering to safety standards; it’s about protecting occupants and securing the property’s reputation. The solutions outlined provide a pathway to achieving dependable lift communication systems, critical for emergency scenarios and everyday convenience alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi signals can also be obstructed by the lift’s materials, and the transition between networks could drop the call. Reliability can’t be ensured solely on Wi-Fi networks for emergency communication.

Considering the potential risks associated with non-functional emergency systems and the legal implications of failing to provide safe environments, investing in signal solutions is both a precaution and an improvement to property value.

Improving signal strength in a lift, which essentially acts as a moving Faraday cage, does not directly enhance regular mobile signal reception due to its design that blocks or weakens signals. While certain solutions can be implemented for emergency systems, regular mobile users may not experience a significant improvement in signal strength under normal circumstances.

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