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Commercial Installation of Ofcom Compliant Mobile Signal Boosters

We provide free estimates, followed by a full-site survey and network design to boost the mobile phone signal throughout your property. Installation is carried out in a fast and effective manner, ensuring full indoor coverage for voice and data.

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Commercial Mobile Signal Booster Installers

Mobile Signal Solutions (MSS) Technology is a UK installer of Ofcom compliant telecom equipment to improve mobile signals indoors for any UK business that suffers with black spots or no coverage. Independently installed commercial mobile booster systems are designed to help businesses when your mobile networks will not help, but you need carrier grade equipment installed that is Ofcom compliant.

MSS Mobile Signal Solutions for commercial properties


Our Process to install signal boosters

Our process starts with a consultation by phone and from there a free estimate can be put in place. We then offer a refundable site survey which will finalize costs and the installation process. The system is then installed and commissioned by our highly skilled engineers. Before you know it your property is flowing with flawless signal for both voice & data. Learn more


On-Site Survey

You will meet with our surveyor to discuss your needs in full. You can discuss areas of importance and agree on a design plan for the system you require.


System Design

Our surveyor will then design the best possible system. The surveyor will then meet with the operations team to put a cost together for that system.



Before you know it we will have a team of highly skilled engineers on-site and your system will be up and running and providing flawless mobile signal throughout.


Trusted commercial mobile signal repeater installer in UK with years of experience

Mobile Signal Solutions have two UK-based teams of installers, focused on the commercial market, installing systems in apartment complexes, warehousing, production facilities, hotels and hospitals. Each of these building types require high quality, large-scale signal boosters for UK mobile networks, either for commercial or health and safety reasons.

Separate to the installation teams, we have 2 RF engineers who will visit premises, survey and design the systems. Our in-house team will then project manage the installation for a smooth, free of charge, process. Our sales team are available during normal business hours and can help with budgets or outline the requirements to be legally compliant in the UK and Europe, which do vary in each region. We work with the 5 main leading equipment suppliers and will ensure the best price for your project.


Supporting all UK carriers across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks


Explore Success Stories

“From start of survey to installation in a very old complex government building in Edinburgh new town with walls 3m thick at points. The team from MSS delivered Mobile Signal for basement dwelling EV chargers that can now Poll to the EV charger company for payment recording. Very good service Provided by Colin, Graeme and team.”

Lyndsay BeatonDirector, Heriot AV

“Really fantastic team headed by Colin. Dealt with a production critical situation for our filming of the UCl Track Championships we had at the Velodrome Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Colin went out of his way to get his team out within 4 hours of a phone call – cannot recommend them enough!”

Shailendra ShuklaSenior Director – Workforce IT Customer Service Europe, Warner Bros Discovery

“Mobile Signal Solutions helped us to overcome a significant signal issue we had at our 29 Apartments Development in Chalk Farm. Following their extensive site survey we agreed on a solution. Following installation of industrial boosters by the MSS team, the coverage improved significantly. I would definitely recommend MSS and use them on future projects.”

Olga TumakhaQuantity Surveyor, Vabel London

“We have found MSS to be an extremely valuable project partner both from a technical knowledge & delivery perspective and also the approach to customer service. The MSS team could not have been more proactive in their approach to integrating with other contractors & trades during site installation, and we look forward to working with the team on future developments both in the hospitality industry & beyond.”

Gary Menzies BSc (Hons) MRICS MCInstCESAssociate Director, Amicus Property Consultants

“From the survey through to the installation MSS were thoroughly professional – from a building with no mobile coverage we are now covered and customers and staff are now happy! – Thank you MSS!”

Martin AndersonBusiness Support & Projects Director, Places Leisure


Hotel Mobile Signal Booster Installation

Cameron House, dating back to the mid-1700s, is a modern Baronial stone castle with peaked gables and decorative turrets that struggled with extremely poor internal coverage for the main mobile networks in the area, particularly due to the thickness of the Baronial-style outer walls.

Mobile Signal Repeater Case Study for Large Apartment Complex


Signal Solution for Large 400 Apartment Complex

The task of improving signal coverage for over 400 city apartments across multiple large blocks in Greenford Quay Apartments, London, was a challenging yet exciting undertaking for the MSS mobile team. Due to superior insulation, the signal was not penetrating the building initially. MSS was involved from the initial system design stages until the project’s completion in January 2024.

NHS South Tees Hospital


Hospital Mobile Signal Booster Installation

The hospital, built in 1980, stands at 8500 sqm with over 8000 employees across two floors. Suffering from no mobile signal in over 85% of the building, the project posed a unique challenge for the team with a busy patient environment where efficiency, care and minimising disruption, noise levels, and dust were paramount.


Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Signal Boosters

In the UK, the most common reason for poor mobile signal and the need for a mobile phone signal booster is foiled backed insulation. Insulation keeps heat in, but it also keeps microwave, GSM, 3G and 4G signals out. Installing an outdoor antenna lets you send the signal for each network to the booster system, which boosts each individual network to the level required. This is an Ofcom requirement. The engineers also install a DAS (Distributed Antenna System), which is a network of indoor antennas that will spread the signal to areas all over the building. Once the boosters are connected to the DAS you will have signal throughout the building, with over 95% coverage in most cases.

Yes, phone signal boosters can help improve cell phone reception in areas with weak signals. They work by amplifying the existing signal, taking in the mobile network signal for each UK network and then boosting by up to 17dB to ensure you have better stronger indoor signal, allowing users to make and receive calls or access faster data speeds with greater call quality and more stable data connections.

Yes, it is legal to install a mobile signal booster in UK, provided that it meets the Ofcom regulatory requirements.

Mobile Signal Solutions install mobile signal boosters nationwide and are certified by Cel-Fi, Huaptec and Unitron.

5G is the 5th generation mobile network, 5G wireless technology is designed to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, have more reliability and deliver higher performance and improved efficiency.

Widespread UK nationwide 5G has been here since May 2019. If you have 5G currently and it doesn’t seem to be making a difference to your mobile phone speed, your mobile network either has very little coverage in your area, or the signal is not penetrating indoors and you need a 5G signal booster.

5G travels over a higher frequency and can carry a heavier data load, but loses power over distance and becomes weaker as it travels through membranes such as walls, insulation and metal structures.

The benefits of 5G include it being unified and designed with extra carrier capacity to carry more data across the network without overloading. This allows greater speed and more users on the network without overloading it, and with negligible latency. These advancements will enable and inspire next-generation 5G user experiences. New business models will emerge and new industry will follow as a result, delivering new services for consumers.

The best 4G boosters use the 800MHz frequency as that is the frequency band mainly used for 4G in the UK. There are multiple providers of 4G boosters and mobile signal solutions team can talk you through the best one for your building. 4G booster systems are very sufficient for everyday cellular requirements. The system can be designed to be 5G compatible and hence can be upgraded at any time by swapping out the main amplifier or simply adding 5G to the 4G Booster in place.

4G or LTE network is known as the fourth generation of mobile networks, and is a major step up from 3G which is nationwide. The difference between 3G and 4G is that everything you do using 3G is faster and smoother using 4G. Faster internet connections for mobile devices, Web pages load quicker, you can download content faster and streaming video and music becomes easier and without lags.

The term 4G stands for ‘fourth generation’ and refers to mobile network technology. You need to have 4G compatible phones. At launch Apple and Samsung lead the way, having the first 4G compatible phones on the market. Now there are a large variety of 4G compatible mobile phone handsets to help you connect to the internet faster than ever before.

Yes, cell phone signal boosters can effectively improve reception in areas with weak signal. They work by amplifying the existing signal, providing a stronger and more reliable connection.

Cell Phone signal boosters need outside reception to work, once thats available a booster will always work when installed correctly. The booster must be powerful enough to cover the areas you need, the weaker the reception outside the less coverage a booster will provide indoors, but it will always work.

The UK’s first 3G network was launched in 2003. It uses the 2100Mhz frequency range which enables carriers to offer a host of services to consumers. Mobile devices could now make video calls, browse mobile friendly websites and social media applications making the most of smartphone technology at the time.

3G speed is still sufficient to allow most mobile users to work effectively, check emails, browse and essentially everything outside of heavy streaming such as live gaming with high quality graphics cards.

There are several ways to boost your 4G mobile signal, including: using a signal booster, moving your phone to a better location, minimizing interference from other devices, and removing any obstructions blocking the signal.

Yes, mobile signal boosters are legal in the UK. They must be registered and operated in accordance with UK law and Ofcom regulations.

Compatible outdoor antennas will pick up the signal and transmit to a Ofcom compliant mobile phone signal boosters. This in turn will send the signal throughout the building, either from one or multiple antennae. Simply call or contact us by email and we will schedule a survey of your building. We will identify the areas where a signal booster can be located and the internal antenna needed to boost the signal.

The legality of using a signal booster depends on the country and the type of signal being boosted. In some countries, it is legal to use a signal booster for cellular signals, while in other countries it may be illegal. It is best to check with local laws and regulations to find out if it is allowed.

In the UK Ofcom sets the standards and all Mobile Signal Solutions staff are trained and certified in the commercial installation of legal UK signal boosters. We can choose between the three approved manufacturers to find the legal signal booster best suited to your business.

The main question is what UK network do you want to boost, followed by do you want the booster for voice calls or for faster data transfers. We have covered the main reasons your building has poor signal and how signal boosters can help. This guide to choosing the best mobile repeater for you, will help anyone living in the UK with poor mobile phone signal choose the right installer for the job.

  • Choose the network or group of networks to boost.
  • Do you need Voice only or 3G and 4G/5G also?
  • Is the outdoor signal weak or strong? the stronger the signal outdoors the better the repeater will work.
  • Is the signal booster approved for use in the UK?
  • Has the installer a track record and can they supply references and certification for Ofcom approval?
  • Compare like with like on all quotes and always ask for a discount!
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