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Large Building Signal Boosters.

We can boost mobile signal strength in even the largest of buildings.

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We can design & install a hotel signal booster bespoke to your needs.

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Full Mobile Phone Signal can Help Suffering Patients Keep in Touch with Their Loved Ones.

We can help with full mobile signal solutions that will provide a better experience for patients in a hospital.

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We can boost mobile signal strength in even the largest of buildings. Read More
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How does it work?

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Domestic Boosters

For the Best deals on Ofcom approved Domestic use Signal Boosters, Check out our partner site waveboosters.
Click here

Mobile Signal Survey & installation of boosters takes 3-4 weeks, guaranteeing full coverage in any building.


Domestic Boosters

For the Best deals on Ofcom approved Domestic use Signal Boosters, Check out our partner site waveboosters.
Click here

We can boost one or all networks, its entirely up to you

Mobile Phone Signal Booster UK

MSS have a long established record and have been installing mobile phone signal boosters In the UK for all the main networks, EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. There are Voice, 3G, 4G and 5G signal boosters available to cover all the 4 main networks. We install mobile  phone signal boosters to help boost signal indoors for large commercial and office buildings, the mobile networks each operate on difference frequency bands.

Each main networks has the licence for a particular mobile frequency, the mobile phone signal booster will boost the band for each main network, individually. When the main network is improved, it will at the same time boost the signal for all the reseller networks for that main network. Vodafone mobile phone signal boosters will also boost Voxi, whilst a EE repeater will improve Asda, BT, Plusnet and Utility warehouse. O2 will boost Giffgaff, Sky and Tesco mobile.

UK Corporate Mobile Phone Repeaters

Mobile Signal Solutions install commercial mobile phone signal boosters that are in line with Ofcom guidelines. The UK based installation team will do a survey to assess your needs. Followed by an in depth report on what internal antennas are needed to improve the network and an estimate of costs involved.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster Suppliers

We are approved to install Ofcom compliant systems, and have many years experience in installing mobile boosters in the UK. We are the longest serving UK  mobile phone signal booster supplier and will supply you with the necessary paperwork to ensure the signal booster you use is compliant and legal in the UK. This is a serious concern as many mobile phone signal booster suppliers to date have not had the training or use approved equipment for boosting UK networks.

Our team of surveyors, installers and customer service representatives are based on the UK, we have a proud tradition of being the longest established and first approved installer for Ofcom compliant equipment as a independent 3rd party installer. We can install and supply mobile phone signal boosters for each network as we are approved to supply a booster for all frequencies.

Installing a Mobile Phone Repeater System

A project manager will oversee the planning, RAMS and all the necessary paperwork to start the signal booster installation. Once on site the team will quickly and effortlessly work with your team to ensure a smooth installation of the signal booster distribution antenna system. Testing upon completion, followed by a walkthrough with the client to ensure all areas have improved 2G, 3G and 4G signal for the UK networks, and will be followed up with a final report to the client.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installation – Delivery

The present waiting time for delivery of a site inspection is within 48 hours, installation is usually within 2-3 weeks from payment of the deposit depending in complexity, some projects may take longer to plan due to the nature of the project but 90% of projects can have full mobile phone signal within 3 weeks of contacting Mobile Signal Solutions.

GSM Signal Booster.

The boosting of the phones GSM signal will allow all standard calls to be made, this will allow the average user to better make and receive phone calls during work or while visiting the building. We have GSM signal boosters that are designed for the UK network and operate at 900 and 1800 Mhz. Once installed individual boosters will boost each network, Vodafone, EE, O2, Three and all the resellers such as Virgin mobile and Asda mobile.

Choosing the best Mobile Phone Signal Booster Installer.

Now that we have covered the main reasons your building has poor signal and how signal boosters can help. This guide to choosing the best mobile repeater for you, will help anyone living in the UK with poor mobile phone signal choose the right installer for the job .

  1. Choose the network or group of networks to boost.
  2. Do you need Voice only or 3G and 4G also?
  3. Is the outdoor signal weak or strong? the stronger the signal outdoors the better the repeater will work.
  4. Is the signal booster approved for use in the UK?
  5. Has the installer a track record and can they supply references and certification for Ofcom approval?
  6. Compare like with like on all quotes and always ask for a discount!

Can I Boost A 5G Mobile Phone Signal for UK Networks?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network, 5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, have more reliability and deliver higher performance and improved efficiency.

Widespread UK Nationwide 5G is here since May 2019. If you have 5G currently and it doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference to your mobile phone speed, your mobile network either has very little coverage in your area, or the signal is not penetrating indoors and you need a 5G signal booster.

5G travels over a higher frequency and can carry a heavier data load, but loses power over distance and becomes weaker as it travels through membranes such as walls, insulation and metal structures.

The benefits of 5G: it is unified and designed with extra carrier capacity to carry more data across the network without overloading. This allows greater speed and more users on the network without overloading it, and with negligible latency. These advancements will enable and inspire next-generation 5G user experiences. New business models will emerge and new industry will follow as a result, delivering new services for consumers..

How do I Boost 5G Signal on Mobile Phones?

If you have 5G mobile phone signal when outside your building and want to bring it inside, you simply need a 5G signal booster system installed. It consists of a 5G compatible outdoor aerial connected to a 5G mobile phone signal booster. Book an appointment with one of our local mobile phone signal engineers who will do a survey of your 5G network. We can design and install a 5G Booster system to help improve data speeds and 5G mobile phone signal inside your building. 

What is the Best 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

4G booster systems are the next best step if 5G is unavailable in your area. The system can be designed to be 5G compatible and hence can be upgraded at any time by swapping out the main amplifier or simply adding 5G to the 4G Booster in place.

4G or LTE network is known as the fourth generation of mobile networks, and is a major step up from 3G which is nationwide. The difference between 3G and 4G is that everything you do using 3G is faster and smoother using 4G. Faster internet connections for mobile devices, Web pages load quicker, you can download content faster and streaming video and music becomes easier and without lags.

The term 4G stands for ‘fourth generation’ and refers to mobile network technology. You need to have 4G compatible phones. At launch Apple and Samsung lead the way, having the first 4G compatible phones on the market. Now there are a large variety of 4G compatible mobile phone handsets to help you connect to the internet faster than ever before.

4G launched in the UK in 2012.  If you still have limited access to 4G and rely on the 3G or wi-fi networks a 4G booster is what you need to increase 4G signal indoors.

Faster mobile internet connectivity will also guarantee an incredibly smooth browsing experience to 4G compatible smartphones, thus calling time once and for all on the days of web pages failing to load at peak usage times. No more latency issues just one smooth mobile broadband experience. All you require is a 4G booster to secure the 4G network you deserve.

What is a 4G Mobile Phone Booster?

A 4G booster operates within the 4G networks frequency, it takes the signal from directly outside your building and gives it the additional boost required to receive coverage throughout the building, ensuring you have full mobile phone signals.

A 4G booster can be installed in any building. Ofcom have approved 4G boosters that reach certain minimum levels of interference protection and use 4G protocols. MSS have the Ofcom exempt 4G boosters and can install in your home, office and building within 3 weeks of completing a mobile signal survey.

How do I Install a 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

A 4G compatible outdoor antenna will pick up the signal and transmit to a Ofcom compliant 4G mobile phone signal booster. This in turn will send 4G signal throughout the building, either from one or multiple 4G antennae. Simply call or contact us by email and we will schedule a 4G signal scan of your building. We will identify the areas where a 4G signal booster can be located and the internal antenna needed to boost the 4G signal.

What is the Best 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

UK’s first 3G network was launched in 2003. It uses the 2100Mhz frequency range which enables carriers to offer a host of services to consumers. Mobile devices could now make video calls, browse mobile friendly websites and social media applications making the most of smartphone technology at the time.

3G speed is still sufficient to allow most mobile users to work effectively, check emails, browse and essentially everything outside of heavy streaming such as live gaming with high quality graphics cards.

Why Have I No 3G Mobile Phone Signal Indoors?

The 2100Mhz frequency that 3G runs on is absorbed by many factors as it tries to travel any distance form the base stations. The 3G signal will lose twice the signal strength of 2G across 900Mhz as it travels. The signal also finds it difficult to penetrate walls of buildings and often 3G will only travel to the edge of the building and the 3G signal will not be available indoors.

3G Boosters harness the power of the 3G network and boost that power so you can have a full 3G signal inside your home.

Mobile entertainment providers have taken advantage of the increased speed across 3G, 4G and 5G  by launching extensive movie and TV download services.

If you don’t have access to the high speed mobile data indoors, book a survey for 3G signal at your home or business and we will suggest the best 3G phone signal booster.

Voice Only Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

For many, the key to a successful business is being able to receive and make crystal clear phone calls. Businesses cannot afford dropped calls or poor reception at critical moments. Wi-fi can be used for broadband connectivity and data but for real time voice the mobile phone network, 2G remains the best option.

What is a 2G GSM Signal Booster?

A 2G booster focuses on your voice calls. It will ensure that the call is smooth and crystal clear. You can make and receive calls over the 2G mobile network anywhere in the building, simply by installing a 2G mobile phone signal booster.

Why do I Need a 2G Signal Booster?

Simply put, the outer walls or roof of your building is blocking the signal to the inside, or you live in a very remote area.
These are the only possible scenarios, as 2G gives over 99.8% UK coverage.

A 2G voice mobile phone booster will help in both these circumstances. Call our engineers. They will complete a survey, including a scan of the 2G voice network in the area. Design a 2G voice mobile signal booster for your building and install a mobile phone signal booster, within 2 weeks of receiving the confirmation.

2G signal boosters remain the most popular mobile phone booster in the UK. You can upgrade to a 3G, 4G or 5G booster easily at any time in the future.

How To Improve Mobile Signal Strength?

In the UK, the most common reason for poor mobile signal and the need for a mobile phone signal booster is, insulation. Insulation keeps heat in, but it also keeps microwave, GSM, 3G and 4G signals out. Installing an outdoor antenna lets you send the signal for each network to the booster system, which boosts each individual network to the level required. This is an Ofcom requirement. The engineers also install a DAS, which is a network of indoor antennas that will spread the signal to rooms all over the building. Once the boosters are connected to the DAS you will have signal throughout the building, with over 90% coverage in most cases.

Mobile Network Signal Booster.

This is the hardware that identifies each bandwidth of the UK mobile phone networks. It then takes each individual network frequency and adjusts the level of boosting required to give full coverage inside. You may find the EE signal is quite strong where the building is located and the Vodafone signal weak, there will be a mobile network booster for each network and this will adjust its output to match the requirements to ensure the mobile boosters operate at optimum levels.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home.

We supply boosters of a commercial grand and have been installed in the homes of the famous, and in some of the best addresses in London and around England. We have supplied to Royalty, in both their British and abroad properties. The legal mobile repeaters that cover a large area, tend to be expensive and the small signal boosters for homes that are cheaper tend to unfortunately be illegal in the UK. You can contact us by phone, or by filling out the the contact form and we will help put you in touch with Ofcom compliant systems for smaller homes, and our program for installation of mobile phone signal boosters to UK homes.

Ofcom Approved Mobile Repeaters and Signal Boosters.

The most important factor when deciding on your choice of booster and installer is legality. The broad bank repeaters for sale on-line are often illegal and not Ofcom approved. The proper equipment must be able to boost individual networks and not simply boost all networks with one unit. This means the repeater must match the correct UK network frequencies and boost each frequency to the level required for each, to ensure coverage of all networks to the entire building. The repeater must never boost all frequencies to the same level, as each one usually has a different input strength, and so need different levels of boosting to stay within Ofcom approved guidelines.

Always ask your installer or supplier if the equipment is Ofcom approved. Never install equipment without using a qualified approved mobile repeater supplier such as mobile signal solutions.

Outdoor Mobile Phone Signal Strength.

The level of reception on the handset while outside the building needing boosting is an indicator of the input signal that the booster will use. The more powerful the input signal is, the more likely the signal is to travel once it enters the mobile booster network. For remote areas where the signal outdoors is weak it is often important to focus on GSM only solutions. These usually operate on 900Mhz for O2 and Vodafone, and 800 or 1800Mhz for EE. The lower the frequency, the further the signal travels hence a 900Mhz Vodafone signal will be stronger when it arrives at a remote location than a 2600Mhz 4G signal.

Boosting a 900Mhz GSM signal will allow you to make phones calls in and out and we would recommend using wi-fi for multimedia data transfer. This is the most successful and best value option for buildings in remote areas. Where 3G and 4G is required our team will assess during the survey the exact levels outside and recommend a solution using a signal booster with enough power to ensure coverage, we will also outline any potential black spots and what we will guarantee to cover.

Where the signal outside is strong like in many urban areas the likely reason for poor signal is the quality of the insulation, as a result the input signal is likely to be very strong and it is often easier to give full coverage with a reduced number of indoor antennas. Outdoor signal is measured by our surveyor when on site for 2G, 3G and 4G across all the networks.

Are Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Legal?

It’s legal to buy and sell any sort of mobile signal booster, hence you will see many Amazon and China based drop shipper’s selling cheap mobile repeaters with no installation or UK presence. Ofcom maintains strict regulations governing their use and the responsibility is on the user, If you’re caught operating a booster that isn’t licence-exempt, your equipment could be confiscated, and you could be looking at a fine of up to £5,000.

The illegal boosters have caused network issues over the entire UK and especially in cities where the proximity of the base stations means the interference can be even greater and cause your neighbours signal to deteriorate.

There are specifications that installers like Mobile Signal Solutions have to meet to make their mobile repeaters legal in the UK. MSS also have a team of UK based installers and surveyors to ensure you have a fully compliant system that meets your needs, fast.

MSS is the longest established and most experienced signal booster installer in the UK, we offer

  • Ofcom compliant signal boosters
  • UK based surveyors
  • UK based customer service and support
  • UK Installation service for small and commercial signal boosters
  • Warranty and extended service option
  • Excellent references in all industries from Hotels to Castles
  • Long standing record of delivering full signal to your building
  • Fair and transparent pricing

Who Is the Best Mobile Phone Signal Booster UK Supplier?

The best solution is not always the cheapest. At Mobile Signal Solutions we have been delivering high quality solutions at affordable prices for the past 8 years. Ofcom compliant equipment, experienced engineers and surveyors will help to find the mobile repeater solution for your UK business or home. Simply call us on +44 79 272 83622 or to talk to a engineer.

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