There are many reseller networks in the UK that buy minutes off the 4 main Mobile network operators MNO’s and resell those direct to consumers. Here we look at what frequency ranges they each have from old standard but reliable 2G voice to the latest 5G being rolled out across the UK.

We breakdown the 

  • Frequency bands 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G each have access too. 
  • The actual network behind the reseller

The main new MVNOs in the UK are gaining market share offering lower prices and more flexible contracts.  They use the main players networks being a partner of Vodafone, O2, EE or Three. 

The main networks continue to manage the network and be responsible for the call quality buy they do restrict the range of frequencies they make available. This often means their own customers enjoy better coverage especially across 4G and 5G.

  1. ASDA
  2. BT
  3. ID Mobile
  4. VOXI
  5. Virgin Mobile
  6. Tesco Mobile
  7. GiffGaff
  8. Lycra Mobile
  9. Freedom Pop

Here we list the network frequencies that are being leased to the MVMO’s by each network. This gives an idea of the resellers with the best access to the network. If you are choosing a mobile minutes reseller be careful to not just look at the price and look at the quality of the network made available.

The reason people choose to buy from MVMN’s are 

  • Lower price per minute
  • May have better network coverage in your area
  • Cheaper sim only card options
  • No contracts or 30 day cancel options are common
  • Bad credit ratings with the established networks
  • Some like The Peoples Operator network make donations to good causes 

The main UK MNO’s networks are still the dominant players with the largest market share and it could be argued best customer services and benefits like free concert tickets by Three. EE are the largest reseller to the smaller MVNO’s, followed by Vodafone, O2 and then Three in that order.

Full list of UK mobile network resellers, MVNO and the main network being used 

1p Mobile        EE

Age UK My Phone        Vodafone

Airwave Smart Mobile        EE

Asda Mobile        EE

Axis Telecom        EE

BT Mobile        EE

CT ExcelBiz        EE

Delight Mobile        EE

Dialog Viz        Vodafone

Digital Phone        EE

Econet Mobile        EE

Family Mobile        EE

Go Mobile        EE

Giffgaff        O2

iD Mobile        Three

Lebara Mobile        Vodafone

Lomo Mobile        EE

Lyca Mobile        O2

Matrix Cellular        EE

Natterbox        EE

Now Payg        EE

Plusnet Mobile        EE

Simple Call Mobile        EE

Shebang        Three

Sky        O2

Talk Home Mobile        EE

Talkmobile        Vodafone

TalkTalk Mobile        Vodafone

Tesco Mobile        O2

The People’s Operator        Three

The Phone Co-Op        EE

Truphone        Vodafone

Telecom Plus        EE

Vectone Mobile        EE

Virgin Mobile        EE

The frequency was auctioned by Ofcom to raise funds for the treasury and the networks each own a specific band of the wavelength. I outline below the network bands for ease of reference.

Choosing a reseller like Tesco mobile can be a great choice for budget conscious consumers, just be sure to check if they have access to bands like 5G if that’s important as well as being sure you get the price and have network coverage inside your home and office. If there is no coverage in the office be sure to get a commercial grade office booster from MSS installed for perfect coverage inside and out!

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