Remote Working Hubs & The Importance Of Mobile Signal

woman on laptop
woman on laptop

Over the last five years or so, the dreaded covid virus forced virtually every industry to rethink how it operates its day to day business. Most companies had to reinvent themselves to ensure that they continued to grow their business. Companies had no other choice but to offer their employees working from home opportunities. This came with huge logistical change for a lot of companies. From investing in new software, cybersecurity and providing their employees with the technology required to work from home. 

This really highlighted the lack of technological infrastructure that still remains throughout the UK. Broadband, never mind Fiber, still remains non-existent in many parts of the UK. Secondly, Mobile Signal remains very patchy throughout many parts of the UK also. Although here at MSS 90% of our projects are in the commercial sector, we have become inundated with home consumer Enquiries looking for help in Boosting their mobile signal. Unfortunately the cost of a legal booster in the Uk isn’t affordable to the consumer just yet. 

When the world started getting back to some form of reality, remote working hubs started to pop up slowly across many regions in the UK. A lot of companies still gave their employees the opportunity to work remotely as they saw the benefits it was providing to productivity. Those who had poor connectivity at home took the opportunity to work from these hubs, even those that had connectivity at home took the opportunity also as it gave them some social freedom to work away from the place they spend their personal day to day lives.

Although a lot of these hubs are in villages and towns where you would expect to receive good mobile signals this is not the case. A lot of these hubs were either newly built or retrofitted to a very high standard to ensure maximum comfort for their clients. Like a lot of energy efficient workplaces this comes with a lot of foil backed insulation, essentially turning the property into a faraday cage.

The operators of these hubs now had a huge problem. Although they had flawless wifi installed throughout, the clients were not able to make basic phone calls which were required in their everyday business. 

At MSS we can design and install Ofcom Compliant systems that will boost all the major networks throughout any commercial property across the UK. Our systems will boost 3G for voice & data, 4G , and in turn 5G & 6G when they come onstream, essentially futureproofing your premises well into the future for crisp voice calls and fast and efficient data.

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